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Offshore investment is of the special concern for investors wanting to invest their money safely, and at the same time to be sure about the privacy of these investments. Offshore zones are also attractive because national legislation is not applicable on their territory. All these factors make an offshore investment popular both for private investments and for carrying on a stable business.

The essence of this kind of investment is in the fact that you invest your money on the territory of the countries or on the separate territories with a simplified tax system (so called “tax havens”). Thus, your offshore investment income will be significantly higher.

There is an opinion that offshore investments are illegitimate because they allow your business to move into the privacy area. This supposition is not grounded and is absolutely incorrect. Firstly, the territories that offer opportunities for investment in offshores have well-thought-out regulatory rules and rules of investment management. Secondly, offshore zones take care of their reputation because their banks are heavily dependent on offshore capital.

The United Arab Emirates, the Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Iceland and the Seychelles are the most popular for making offshore investments.

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The Benefits of Offshore Investment

The benefits of this type of investment include:

  • Confidentiality. Offshore zones guarantee absolute confidentiality including protection of bank secrecy. This fact is particularly significant for many foreign businessmen as it allows to invest money with safeguarding of the regime of some certain additional protection.
  • Low taxes. One of the main advantages of offshores is low or zero tax rates. They are offered for establishing an attractive investment climate that attracts money into offshore from all around the world.
  • Great opportunities for investments. Offshores are also attractive because they provide access to all markets and exchanges worldwide, including developing ones that can offer significant benefits in the longer term.
  • Protecting against inflation. Offshore investment is also a good way to protect your funds from political upheavals, economic instability and other cataclysms in a native country.
  • Excellent service. When you invest in offshore territory, you can be sure that you will be assisted excellently. The offshore management is well-thought-out and aimed at each client to be 100% satisfied.

Thus, summing up everything mentioned above, it is possible to say that investment in offshores is your safe and reliable way to the financial stability. The key is a reasonable approach to the issue and choice of a suitable offshore zone.

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