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When mentioning the United Arab Emirates one immediately associates it with oil, luxurious hotels and ultramodern metropolis. However, in reality, about 46% of the country's GDP accounts for the industry. Whereas the majority of companies are concentrated in major cities of the UAE: Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

Production growth in the UAE was associated with the construction boom following discovery of oil in the country. The construction of new buildings required construction materials and equipment, and for meeting the needs of workers and tourists - clothes, food, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.

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What is currently produced in the UAE?

Construction Materials

At the moment a wide range of construction materials are produced in the UAE: doors, windows, cement, pipes, dyes, reinforcement materials, etc. The number of factories that manufacture related products is constantly increasing. It can be reasoned by the country’s undergoing active construction: building of new hotels, shopping malls, lofty cottages and apartment buildings.

Mechanical engineering and metal products

The second export product after oil in the UAE is aluminum. In particular, aluminum ingot sold under the brand name DUBAL, is well known worldwide - aluminum purity ration constitutes 99.86%. Such metal purity is a privilege of only a limited number of manufacturers.

In addition to aluminum, other products which include cables, cars, domestic appliances, switch-boards etc., are also produced in the United Arab Emirates.

Printing and paper industry

Printing and paper industry has been booming lately in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE factories produce stationery, wrapping and packaging papers, etc. Almost half of the publishing houses and printing companies of the country are located in Dubai and fully satisfy the growing demand for printing and promotional products.

Textile fabric and Apparel

The incentives for development of light industry in the UAE were the quotas on imports of garments from America and Europe. The number of factories that manufacture fabrics, clothes and shoes started growing, and today the majority of products are exported to the United States and Western Europe. The Emirates banks are keen on granting credits to such industry, therefore companies operating in consumer goods industry in the UAE are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, whereas products manufactured by them are highly appreciated in the international market.

Food and drinks

Food industry also makes significant contribution to the economy of the UAE. Companies specializing in production of soft drinks and mineral water, sugar mills, dairy, meat and fish plants, vegetables and fruit canning plants, etc., successfully operate in the country.

Perfumes and cosmetics

Cosmetics and perfumes of the UAE are well known not only in the country but also overseas. The main directions of the cosmetic industry Emirates include elite products and affordable everyday lines.

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