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The issue of confidentiality concerns every entrepreneur who wants to optimize taxes through the opening of an offshore company. Disclosure of the information about the owner of an offshore company can have unwished consequences.

In general, access to the information about the owner of an offshore can be obtained by:

  • Registrar of the company if there is public information about the shareholders (this is possible in Cyprus, Hong Kong, UK and other "tax havens");
  • An administrative company;
  • Secretary or the registered agent of the company;
  • The bank where the company account is opened.

It is possible to get information about the owner of the business in one of the following ways:

  • In an open Registry of Companies;
  • From contractors (the copies of documents);
  • Making a request to the state authority where the documents of the company were submitted;
  • Addressing administrative company that requires the permission of the court of the country in which business is registered;
  • Information about the owner of the company can be provided by the registered agent in the case of availability of the appropriate judicial authorization.

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Confidentiality of information about an offshore company in Dubai, the UAE

We can reassure you that the guarantee of confidentiality is one of the main advantages of opening an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates. You should not worry when opening an offshore in the UAE: information about you as an owner of an offshore business is not accessible to third parties. Even if the tax authority of the country of your residence will want to get it, they must have a good try. They will need a related court decision in the UAE, which is not so easy to get.

Offshore companies bring stable profit to the UAE, so the government of the country takes care of the security of data of foreign businessmen. So you may feel quite confident that the information about your offshore company in Dubai is in complete safety.

We wish success to your business!

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