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Business setup in Sharjah, UAE

International Company Formation in Sharjah, UAE

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  2. Business Setup in Sharjah as the solution for company formation
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Sharjah is the third largest city in the UAE and the centre of one of the seven emirates comprising the country. It is also the highly popular for the purpose of company formation in Sharjah as this emirate has four free trade zones which are highly effective for this purpose. As per latest statistics, the population of Sharjah amounted to 1,4 million residents. Sharjah is one of the most important sea ports in the region bordering on Dubai and Ajman. It has been widely recognized as the cultural and industrial centre of the UAE with numerous sights and exquisite mosques. It is ruled by the Al Qasimi dynasty.

Business Setup in Sharjah as the solution for company formation

There are about 45 free trade zones on the territory of the UAE. Sharjah has 4 of them, whereby two of these free zones are truly popular and largely developed thus are often chosen for business setup in Sharjah. The main generally benefits offered by UAE free trade zones to expatriates include 100% foreign ownership of the enterprise and 100% repatriation of profit. Furthermore, all companies operating in the UAE free trade zones are exempt of import and export taxes, as well as corporate and personal income tax. The list of free trade zones in Sharjah includes:

  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone;
  • Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS Free Zone);
  • Hamriyah Free Zone;
  • USA Regional Trade Centre Free Zone.

Each of them has certain advantages and a set of requirements for Sharjah free zone company formation. While the USA Regional Trade Centre Free Zone cooperates with US companies that are looking for an opportunity in the UAE, the other three are open for international cooperation. There are two types of company formation in Sharjah. The first one is a single shareholder FZE (Free Zone Establishment). The second type allows multiple shareholdings and is known as Free Zone Company (FZC).Apart from being business-friendly and customer-oriented, the most common features characterizing the three free trade zones open for international cooperation in Sharjah run as follows:

Confidentiality Highest level of privacy and security
Taxation No corporate and personal income tax, no tax on import and export
VAT tax applies for activities inside UAE
Requirements to auditing and accounting Audits required
Languages Multilingual staff
Currency Dirham pegged to US dollar; no currency restriction
Location Very convenient, access to ports, the Indian Ocean, bordering on Dubai and Ajman
Time of company formation in Sharjah From several hours to 15 working days (depends on the type of license)
Visa Visa and sponsorship provided
Sharjah free zone company setup costs The costs depend on the package, but in general these costs are less compared with, for example, Dubai
Number of directors At least one
Infrastructure World-class with brand-new facilities for reasonable prices
Workforce No restriction in terms of hiring, 100% expatriate workforce is admissible

For more information on Sharjah free zone company formation, please, visit the website of HFZ:

Hamriyah Free Zone was established in 1995. One of its main benefits is its direct access to the Indian Ocean and the International Airport. Its work is governed by the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority. It is possible to obtain a license for Sharjah free zone company formation in only two hours. As for Hamriyah free zone license cost, it offers the most competitive prices throughout the UAE.

Alternative solution for Sharjah free zone company formation

The other popular alternative is Sharjah Airport Free zone (SAIF). This one is also often chosen for companies formation. The difference to HFZA is that the SAIF is located in direct proximity to the Sharjah Airport thus has certain logistics advantages for air freight. It also has much larger offer in terms of storage and office facilities compared to Hamriyah. When talking about Sharjah free zone company setup costs the Hamriyah solution is normally a bit more favorable when compared to SAIF.SAIF Free Zone authority is permanently looking at improvements in the companies set up procedures and offers it has in terms of licensing and business promises for various types of enterprises.

Sharjah free zone company setup is an easy and straightforward procedure. It offers considerable advantages to all interested investors and entrepreneurs. Business setup in Sharjah makes you eligible for residence visa in the UAE. This, in its turn, enables you to become the sponsor for your family and staff. Working and living in Sharjah has a number of undeniable benefits.

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All information sent by you from our web site is encrypted by SSL certificate thus safeguarded in confidentiality.

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