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Investor visa - Advantages of Investing and Doing Business in the UAE

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  1. Overview of the UAE as a country for residency/immigration, the benefits of investor visa in Dubai
  2. Why to invest in the UAE? (Why to apply for investor visa?)
  3. Business investor visa in the UAE
  4. Investor visa program
  5. Overview of the investor visa countries
  6. How to obtain an investor visa in UAE?
  7. Top 10 questions on the UAE investor visa
  8. Conclusion

Overview of the UAE as a country for residency/immigration, the benefits of investor visa in Dubai

The UAE as a whole, and Dubai in particular, has lots of advantages, and depending on the purpose of why you are moving to this country, you may be interested in certain things, but the basic advantages of living here are universal for entrepreneurs, hired employees and for those, who bought real estate, in short for all categories of expats in the UAE. So, let's take a look why you should think about getting an investor visa in the UAE.

When choosing a country for a living, a foreigner usually wants to get favorable conditions for doing business (entrepreneur), high income from work (hired employee), the opportunity to live in a rich, safe country, and have access to a good real estate (real estate buyer). And all this can be found here in the United Arab Emirates (the UAE). In this country, the one who receives UAE residence permit has practically unlimited opportunities for business growth, a hired specialist with a document permitting his/her residence receives a high salary and good social guarantees in the UAE, and the owner of a real estate (also receives residence permit in Dubai, the UAE) has access to local medicine, education, entertainment, local beaches and a lot of other things in the UAE. A person who received an investor visa here can live in Dubai, the UAE for at least two years, enjoying the high standard of living and security of the country. After receiving a resident visa in the UAE, you get almost equal rights with citizens of this country and, if you follow the laws of the UAE, then you can live in the country for more than a decade.

Why to invest in the UAE? (Why to apply for investor visa?)

Entrepreneurs who have decided to do business in the UAE can count on excellent financial benefits. The fact is that the standard of living of the population of this country, and the tourists who come to the UAE is extremely high, therefore, with the right approach to business, one can expect excellent profits in the UAE. The UAE is a tax-exempt jurisdiction so that foreign people in business can get huge advantages over competitors from other jurisdictions, besides, among the financial advantages of the UAE, one can also name a highly developed banking sector of the country. All these financial benefits are a good reason to think of getting a residence permit – business investment visa in the UAE.

Another "pro" in favor of obtaining this document is a developed healthcare system of the UAE. For several decades the government of this country managed to build an excellent healthcare system with hundreds of hospitals and drugstore points, with expensive equipment and excellent specialists that got an education in the Western countries, they managed to turn the UAE into a country interesting for medical tourists.

Unlike cities such as New York, London, and Paris, Dubai, the UAE can be considered very safe. The number of crimes, committed here is extremely low (as well as in the country as a whole) – the UAE is one of the safest countries of the world. Many police officers patrol the city, so you can walk in the street at night and feel safe in the UAE.

As for prices in the country, real estate is quite expensive in the UAE, but as for other groups of goods, prices in this country can pleasantly surprise you. You can find the following products at low prices in the UAE: clothes, leather goods, cars, computer, and home appliances, etc. So if you obtained an investor visa in the UAE, having bought real estate, do not worry, other products are not so expensive in this country.

The Arabic language is quite complex, and fortunately for expats, in order to live in Dubai, the UAE, and conduct business here it is enough to have a good knowledge of English in the UAE. All residents know English, documentation is often conducted in two languages, road signs, menus in cafes and other things is understandable for English-speaking persons.

In the United Arab Emirates, there is a special type of visa, that provides an opportunity for people in business to open a company in the UAE, employees of Dubai, the UAE, firms, and owners of real estate can live in Dubai, the UAE for 2 or 3 years. Investor visa requirements in the UAE are quite simple; you do not need to provide any special papers, just documents identifying your person and the ownership of the business, the investor visa itself, as a rule, is formalized within a week in the UAE.

If we are talking about the requirements for obtaining an investor visa in the UAE, they are not significant – this document can be made quickly, and the list of documents of the UAE is much shorter than that for a similar permit in the other countries of the world, for example, the requirements for UK investor visa from Dubai, the UAE, just the same as the order of the extension procedure, for example, tier 1 visa extension in the UK.

Business investor visa in the UAE

What is a visa for an investor in the UAE? Investment based permit (or sometimes it is called investment based employment visa) is such a kind of residence permit which is provided for those, who open new companies in the country (UAE investors visa for owners of onshore or local companies) or those, who buy a real estate property in the country (property investor visa in the UAE).

What is immigration investment visa in the UAE? Investment immigration is when a foreigner invests a certain amount of money into the economy of a country in which he/she intends to obtain a residence permit. Investor residence visa in the UAE gives the applicant the right to reside and do business in the country. It should be noted that different countries have different immigration laws with the requirements for granting private residence permits to private entrepreneurs. Now let us consider investor visa requirements in Dubai, the UAE and the legal aspects of immigration to this country.

In brief, this document defines the following in relations with foreign entrepreneurs – it gives its holder a full-fledged permanent residence permit in Dubai, the UAE. Since the city has a number of free economic zones, and the entrepreneur can choose one of two possible options in this country:

  • establishment of an enterprise on the territory of the UAE;
  • investment in real estate in the UAE.

The advantages of creating your own enterprise in Dubai, the UAE:

  • 100% foreign capital of the company;
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits;
  • No taxes on profits of commercial organizations and individuals.

This category of visas is very popular among foreigners, they often indicate their country when looking for information, and immediately try to determine the features of the procedure in their particular case, for example, by entering such a query: "UAE investor visa for Bangladeshi", or something like "Investor visa for Bangladeshi in the UAE." However, the rules for the issuance of an this kind of residence permit in the UAE are the same for all countries, just the same as in the opposite case: the rules for the opening of the Canada investor visa from Dubai, the UAE do not differ from the rules for Moscow or London, just like the order for the issuance of investor residence permit to the USA from Dubai, the UAE, or UK investor visa in Dubai, the UAE – the rules are standard and the same for all. The only difference is the presence or absence of a double taxation treaty between the UAE and another country. If you do not plan to deal with the whole process by yourself, we advise you to ask for the help of an investor visa lawyer (investor visa attorney) who will take the basic paperwork required for a foreigner to get this residence permit.

Investor visa program

What is a foreign visa investment program? Here are the main requirements for the participation in this program:

  • Applicant undertakes to invest money in the company on the territory of the UAE to obtain a work permit for entry. Additional fees are charged;
  • Minimum investment amount is 70 thousand dirhams;
  • A businessperson cannot work in any other company, except that in which he invested.

Within the framework of this program in the UAE, the applicant, in the case of a positive consideration of the issue of granting a residence permit, gets the right to act as a sponsor for members of his/her family when applying for a residence permit. It is possible to act as a sponsor for family members when applying for a residence permit only if the income of the main applicant is not less than 4000 dirhams a month. Having received this permit, its owner and dependent members of his/her family officially receive the right to permanent residence in the UAE. In order to get the permission to drive a car in Dubai, the UAE, one has to get a local driving license. In case there is no license, it may affect the resolution of insured events in the country of permanent residence.

The issue of granting a residence permit will be solved positively after the transfer of 70 thousand dirhams into a stipulated government-guaranteed project, after which a visa is issued for three years. When you apply for a residence permit, an administrative fee of 300 dirhams is charged.

By investing in a company in the UAE, the applicant becomes a partner or one of the owners of the company, which allows him/her to qualify for a residence permit in the UAE. Residence permit in the UAE gives the right to stay in the UAE for three years. Even though the minimum period of physical residence in the UAE is not specified, if you stay outside the Emirates for more than six months, then this permit will be canceled in the UAE.

The applicant for this document must first obtain a license for entrepreneurial activity in the free trade zone. The residence permit is issued directly by the Immigration Department of Dubai, the UAE and, unlike the requirements in many other countries, additional approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is not required.

Overview of the investor visa countries

Now let us take a look at some popular countries offering their entry permits and their treaties with people in business from other countries. Here is some information about five countries, providing residence for investments – top investment visa countries in the world.


Residence document in the country

Short description: requirements for obtaining, terms and conditions


Tier 1

Tier 1 Investor visa is for those who are willing to invest at least £2,000,000 in the economy of the UK. It is possible to apply for such a document for a family (spouses and children under 18). An investor visa is issued for three years and four months for the first time with a subsequent extension of 2 years (in the case of the investment of £2,000,000). It is possible to stay outside the UK for up to 180 days a year. You do not need to have any knowledge of English. The terms of permanent residence registration and citizenship of Great Britain depend on the size of investments. So are the requirements for obtaining Tier 1 in this country.


E1, E2, Eb5


In the United States, they have different categories of entry permits for different types of visitors. What is the investment category for a visa in the USA? Residence permits for foreign businessmen in this country begin with the letter "E" What is the number for investment visa? They have the following numbers of visas for investments in the US: E1, E2, E3, Eb5. Sometimes in online forums, you can find such a question: "What investment can be made on an F1 visa?" This document is not a residence permit given for investments at all, this category of visas is issued to students. But the E1 is the one for investments. Those employees of companies conducting export-import operations in the US or providing services in the US in significant quantities can count on E1. At least 50% of the turnover of an American company must be accounted for a trade with the country, which an applicant comes from. Note that obtaining of the investor visa to the USA in Dubai, the UAE will be carried out according to the same rules as for citizens of other countries (that is, the requirements for the citizens of different countries, including the UAE are the same).

E2 is also provided for foreigners. You can get E2 only if you are a director, manager or key employee in a foreign company that has made significant investments in the US economy. What is a substantial investment for E2 and what kind of investment should be made in order to get an entrepreneur work visa? A significant investment for business development is an investment of at least $1 million, but we should note that this is an unofficial amount, sometimes in order to open a company, you may need a smaller amount, and in some cases you may get a deny, even if you exceeded the indicated amount, but did not fulfill other requirements. At least 50% of the shareholders of your company must either live outside the US or is in the US for E2. In order to obtain the E2, you have to prove that the investment is either already made, or your company is close to completing all negotiations. What happens when E2 changes investment? In this case, the document is canceled.

What is a five-year investor visa called in the USA? It is called EB-5, and the is a visa in the US, which is issued to foreign entrepreneurs. So, what is EB5 immigrant investor visa in this country? In order to obtain this document, a foreigner must invest at least $500,000 in the US economy for five years or create ten workplaces for permanently residing in the US people (family members are not counted in calculating the created workplaces). The main requirement is to provide complete information about the source of investment. The EB-5 program requires that the funds are completely legal (earned through commercial activities, received under a gift agreement, etc.).


Golden investment visa

A special residence permit for foreigners in Spain is called a Golden investor visa. What are the requirements for investments to receive a golden visa in Spain? The law defines the categories of foreign citizens who have the right to obtain a residence permit for an entrepreneur in this country the requirements for them. To qualify for this type of document in Spain, it is necessary to purchase real estate from 500,000 euros per person (one object or several), or open a deposit in the local bank for the amount of 1 million euros, or purchase shares of Spanish companies for the amount of 1 million euros, or buy government bonds in the amount of 2 million euros in the country. Among the other requirements for people in business is to create new workplaces through the establishment of a company whose activities will be of economic and technological interest to the Spanish economy.


Business Investment visa (subclass 188)

An investor visa document issued for four years in the country. The main applicant and all family members may be in or out of Australia. The age is to be up to 55 years*. One should receive an invitation from the selected state and score some points according to the criteria: age, English, diploma, entrepreneurial experience in their core business with 30% business and over 400,000 AUD a year, the availability of capital (including real estate) from 800,000 AUD for entrepreneurs and from 2.25 million AUD (3 million AUD for immigration to Sydney) for entrepreneurs, the innovative nature of the business and the special approval of the sponsoring state. In this case, the availability of minimum capital and the innovative nature of business are mandatory conditions. For entrepreneurs, there is a minimum annual turnover requirement of 500,000 AUD for two years from the last 4, and their permits in case of failure to achieve positive business performance in Australia may be renewed for another two years. People in business should invest 1.5 million AUD in targeted government bonds for four years.


Visto investitori

A residence permit by investment in Italy is issued for the investment in government bonds of Italy for at least 2 million euros, or in an Italian company for not less than 1 million euros, or in an innovative startup for an amount of at least 500,000 euros. In any case, according to the local requirements, the investment period in the country should be at least two years.

How to obtain an investor visa in UAE?

In order to obtain an investor visa in the UAE, you can either invest at least 70 thousand dirhams (about 19 thousand dollars) in the economy of the country, for example, by opening a company in one of the free economic zones or buying real estate in the UAE. Here are the basic requirements for real estate: the cost of an apartment for obtaining a resident permit is from 1 million dirhams (274,000+ USD) per person or family.

Residence visa in the UAE is issued for 3 years, after which you can extend it an unlimited number of times. Physically, a resident UAE visa is a sticker in the passport. In addition to it, the Emirates ID card (or Resident ID) is also issued, which provides basic information about its owner. This card is valid in the territory of all Emirates and can be used inside the country instead of a passport. To save the residence permit, it is sufficient to enter the Emirates once every six months. The violation of this rule entails the blocking of this document, and in order to receive it again, you will have to undergo a procedure for its restoration.

Note that one of the main benefits of investor visa in the UAE is that the UAE investor visa procedure is much simpler and faster than that in other countries, both in regard requirements of the whole procedure and to the application of the UAE investor visa and in UAE investor visa rules, and in relation to the cost, which you pay for the whole process.

As for Dubai, the UAE property investment visa, the rules for getting this document are very simple and understandable: a foreigner who claims to receive a property investment visa in Dubai, the UAE must buy here a property with the price of more than 1 million dirhams (about 272 thousand dollars), and after that submit an appropriate request for a residence permit in Dubai, the UAE. In some countries, it is possible to obtain an investor visa by opening a deposit with a local bank. An investor visa for a bank account is not provided in the UAE, only in case of buying a real estate, or opening of a company. In case you are applying for a residence visa in Dubai, the UAE (real estate owner), remember that in order to qualify for an investor visa in Dubai, the UAE, when buying a property, the purchased object should be in the housing stock. That is, buying such a property as a warehouse with an area of 10,000 square meters, you do not get investor visa in Dubai, the UAE, so is the case with the office premise – by buying such a property you should not submit the UAE investor visa application, since you will not receive an investor visa in Dubai, the UAE for such kind of property.

Medical examination of the client upon receipt of the resident visa of the investor in the UAE

In order to obtain a residence permit for an investor in the UAE, a medical examination must be completed, for which you must fill out a special registration form (you can do this at any authorized typing center). In addition, you must provide the original entry permit with a note of entry, the original passport and two photographs. After that, it is necessary to make an X-ray and conduct a blood test in any authorized medical center of the UAE. Results, usually, can be received from 2 hours to 2 days in this country.

Documents for registration of a resident visa of an investor in the UAE

The requirements for the list of documents to obtain an investor visa and the number of state duties varies depending on the place of registration (free zones, local companies).

The standard package of documents to obtain an entry permit in the FTZ includes:

  • A copy of the company's license;
  • A copy of the immigration card;
  • Copies of passports of all shareholders of the company;
  • A copy of the passport;
  • A photograph of the client;
  • Certified copy of the diploma of higher education. There is a list of occupations in each FTZ (usually low-skilled jobs) for which the granting of an education diploma is not required. In addition, the requirement to grant a diploma is often not applied to those whose data are specified in the license (company manager). Often this requirement does not apply to the processing of documents for this document.

The validity of the entry permit to the UAE for obtaining an investor visa

Permission to enter the United Arab Emirates for work is valid for 60 days from the date of its issuance. During this time, it is necessary to cross the border, and after crossing the border and obtaining an entry permit from the businessman, there are 60 days to complete all necessary procedures and pasting into the passport of the visa.

The UAE government has good news for those who are going to get this document in Dubai, the UAE. From 2019, they expect the introduction of new rules for investor visas in Dubai, the UAE. According to these new rules, the immigration authorities will issue investor visa in Dubai, the UAE for 10 years. We remind that under existing rules, investor visas in Dubai, the UAE in 2017 and 2018 are issued for a period of 2 or 3 years.

Top 10 questions on the UAE investor visa

What is an investment program in the UAE?

A special program whereby a foreign businessman invests a certain amount in a local business (no less than 70 thousand dirhams) or buying real estate (at least 1 million dirhams) can get a residence permit in the UAE.

What is E2 in the USA?

Treaty investor visa (E-2) is an investment visa in the United States of America, for foreign nationals from countries with which the United States of America maintains cooperation and trade agreements.

What is the difference between the Golden Visa and Investor visa in the UAE?

Golden Visa is a special type of residence permit for foreigners in Spain. To get this document, you have to buy real estate worth from 500,000 euros, or make a deposit of 1 million euros, or buy shares of Spanish companies for 1 million euros. And here are the requirements for an investor visa to the UAE: real estate – from 1 million dirhams (~274 thousand dollars), or investing in companies in the country – from 70 thousand dirhams (~19 thousand dollars.) Thus, to get an investor visa in the UAE, it will require much less money than for a similar Golden Visa in Spain.

What are the benefits of an investor visa?

Now a few words about investor visa benefits in the UAE. Among the benefits of an investor visa in this country, we can distinguish a really great opportunity you get: the residence permit almost equates you to the citizens of the UAE and gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the many advantages of this country. Here are the main advantages of obtaining an investor visa in the UAE:

  • Free entry into the country and residence on its territory;
  • Arrangements for moving to the UAE for members of a family;
  • Opening a personal account in one of the banks of the UAE;
  • Obtaining a driver's license and insurance in one of the Emirates;
  • Teaching in educational institutions throughout the country;
  • Free entry into the countries of the Persian Gulf and some other countries;
  • Receiving profit and income that are not taxable.

How to get an investor visa in UAE?

To get this document, you need to make an investment in the local business or buy real estate (according to certain requirements) in the UAE.

What documents are required for property visa in UAE?

Here is the list of the main documents required for this permit in the UAE:

  • A completed application form;
  • Four passport photos (taken not earlier than six months ago);
  • Registration fee;
  • The main applicant's passport;
  • The license for entrepreneurial activity in the free trade zone.

How long will it take to get an Investor Visa in UAE?

Usually, it takes up to 30 days to get this document in the UAE.

How much will cost immigration by investments?

At least 70 thousand dirhams (if you plan to start your business here), or at least 1 million dirhams (if you plan to buy residential real estate here), plus the services of a consulting company that will accompany you.

What are the conditions for cancellation of investor visa in the UAE?

Many are interested in the conditions of investor visa cancellation in Dubai, the UAE. Everything is simple here – if you violated the migration rules of the country (you left it for more than 180 days within a year), or violated the laws of the country, your visa can be canceled. The 180-day rule is relevant for a businessman with UAE resident visa in any zone, both in the Jebel Ali free zone in Dubai, the UAE, and in the Hamriyah free zone in Sharjah.

Is it possible to get a passport for small investments?

Investments in the country economy will give you the right to receive an investment visa, but not the citizenship of the country.

Can a foreigner with investor visa work in the UAE

That question can seem strange at first glance, but the situation can be as follows: you have bought an apartment here, got your visa in the UAE (for that property) and want to start working here. The answer is simple – no, in this case, you are not allowed to work in the country.

Where can I get a consultation on business investment visas?

You can get consultations on how to get this type of visa in a consulting company, for example, with us!


The above-described type of visa in the UAE gives some advantages to those who are going to live and work in this country. This is full access to the entire local infrastructure, broad opportunities for business development, and security, etc.

In the event you do not want to carry out the process of filing an application form in the UAE and changing procedure in the UAE (every 3, and in some cases – 2 years it is necessary to pass a renewal procedure), you can fully entrust this process to the appropriate specialists – business consultants in Dubai, the UAE (those that offer investor visa assistance in Dubai, the UAE). You can find out about all the nuances of the design of this document and the features of the clearance procedure from our consultants. So do not hesitate and contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Get Investor Visa (UAE)

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