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Open onshore company in Dubai, UAE

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  1. Advantages of an onshore company in Dubai, the UAE
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  3. Open onshore company

To conduct trade or provide certain services on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, to rent an office or other commercial premises, or to obtain a resident visa in the UAE it is necessary to register an onshore company. It is possible to do this in two ways: in one of the Free Trade Zones or else outside FTZ.

The second option is rarely used and is only required when opening a firm that provides services to the local UAE market (hotel, restaurant, beauty salon, etc.). The main feature of an onshore company registered outside FTZ is partial ownership of a foreign entity: at least 51 % shall belong to a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. And as a rule an additional agreement is signed with him that actually he does not own shares of such company.

The most optimal solution for business is the company in Free Trade Zone. At this point there are over 35 Free Trade Zones in the UAE. Some of them do not have strict restrictions on the type of activity and allow registering almost any company. Other FTZ are more specialized, such as, for example, Dubai Media City, which hosts mostly media companies.

Advantages of an onshore company in Dubai, the UAE

  • 0% tax - completely no VAT and income taxes;
  • 100% ownership by foreign nationals;
  • Tax residency – no double taxation;
  • Low operating income - compared with other countries business costs in the UAE are significantly less;
  • Obtaining a residence permit – opening an onshore company entitles you to receive a residence permit in the UAE for all shareholders and their direct relatives (children, wife / husband);
  • Easy and fast registration – it is possible open an onshore company in Dubai, the UAE within 7- 14 days.

Onshore companies have to meet a series of requirements of the state government. First, it is necessary to obtain a license to conduct certain activities, and secondly it is necessary to have a real office. In practice such office can be just a desk leased by the free zone authority. Another requirement is that business should be conducted only within the FEZ or outside it, but not directly in the UAE.

If the company would do the business directly inside the country, it would require a local company to act as an agent for it.

Registration of onshore company in Free Zone

Do you want to open an onshore company in the UAE swiftly, at the best price and without hassle?

We will help you with this by quickly and accurately arranging a package of necessary documents. Registration time of an onshore is from couple of days to 1-2 weeks – depending on the FTZ. Costs for incorporation depend on the Emirate, as well as the type of activity of the company.

To get detailed advice and to make your order for registration of an onshore, please send us an online request. You can also contact us by phone or by sending an email.

Opening of an onshore company with Dubai-freezone in the UAE can be done within the required time frame and fully in line with regulations!

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All information sent by you from our web site is encrypted by SSL certificate thus safeguarded in confidentiality.

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“Clear approach. Very supportive and fast-reacting to my additional business requirements. Pleased to work with you.”

Evgeni B. / Area of business: Logistics

Onshore company in UAE

“As our core business is located in Hong Kong we set up the UAE onshore company for some specific business requirements only. The company has managed to arrange all incorporation procedures in a way that we could handle them within one visit only, considering the telecommunication licensing is usually quite a lengthy process requiring a number of visits. Splendid job! ”

James T. / Area of business: Telecommunication Services.

Onshore company in UAE

“ I’m pleased to work with your company as our sub-contractor providing services to our customers within companies incorporation in UAE. The cooperation is highly efficient and beneficial for both parties. In case of urgent questions from our customers I get all answers very fast. Pleased to work with professionals in the area.“

Antonios T. / Area of business: International Business Consulting

Onshore company in UAE

“As the assistant of our general manager I was in charge of preparing and coordination the complete incorporation procedure of our branch company in UAE. The co-operation with your company within our branch company incorporation was highly professional, exact and clearly guided so we were informed on each stage.“

Jelena T. / Area of business: Logistics

Onshore company in UAE