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Climate features of the United Arab Emirates have attracted interest from many visitors and tourists. One of such fascinating natural phenomena is sandstorms in Dubai.

Sandstorms - as an exotic feature of Dubai

This natural phenomenon is not very frequent in this region due to sunny and dry weather throughout most of the year as well as low number of rains.

Imagine a sunny day but with minimum visibility or lack of sunlight for several days. Believe, it is not fiction from another oriental tale, but a natural phenomenon in the United Arab Emirates. Dense curtain is able to hide sunlight and capture imagination of even the most seasoned traveler. Seeing the power of natural manifestations, you will experience full majesty and power of unbridled elements. Such a spectacle is worthy of your attention and heightened interest.

Many tourists will take an excellent opportunity to capture a natural phenomenon on photo or video camera. The element does not scare lovers of extreme thrills but charges with adrenaline and gives powerful impetus. Such thrill seekers specially come to Dubai to see the incredible natural phenomenon with their own eyes.

Representatives of various artistic professions, photographers, writers, screenwriters and artists come to Dubai in order to assess the extent and magnificence of sandstorms. They all acknowledge that sandstorms are rich material for further work and provide a truly natural inspiration.

At the same time, if you do not consider yourself to those who like natural phenomenon, but witnessed it - you can safely wait it out in comfortable hotels with super modern air purifying and ventilation systems.

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