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Agriculture in the UAE has its own history. Agricultural traditions of the United Arab Emirates trace their roots back to the antiquity times. Limited amount of precipitations and climate features have predetermined a solicitous attitude to water resources. However, despite the arid climate, the United Arab Emirates managed to create a well-developed system of agriculture and substantially reduce the food dependency of the state on imports.

Agriculture in the UAE received strong impetus to the development of owing to the proper public policy and introduction of the advanced international experience in the field of agriculture. Completely new irrigation practices and desalination plants are in service of this economic sector. In spite of the endless deserts and a relatively arid climate, the United Arab Emirates proved that the right approach allows to create more and more fertile lands.

Agriculture in the United ArabEmirates as the basis of food sovereignty

The following areas can be singled out among the actively developing branches of agriculture in the Emirates: cattle breeding, tillage and fishery. The area of tillable and cultivated lands in the UAE is about 60 thousand hectares. Agriculture is developed on the whole coast of the Gulf of Oman, in the North-East of the Emirate of Sharjah, in Abu Dhabi and in Ras Al Khaimah.

The UAE produces cucurbits crops, fruits, vegetables, tobacco and dates. With the construction of the large-scale plants for seawater desalination, more and more farmers in the UAE are thinking over growing different crops.

The state provides various support likewise in all the sectors of the national economy of the UAE. For example, the preparation of agricultural lands for future usage by farmers is free of charge. Moreover, the state provides farmers with all the necessary agricultural machinery and seeds for cultivation. The state is also actively involved in research investigations and projects, which are aimed at adaptation of the various crops to the local climate.

It is worthy of note that agriculture in the UAE is not limited to the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and various crops. Commercial fishing develops in the extensive coastal areas of the country.

Fishery in the UAE – industry development and government support

Fish in the UAE remains one of the most popular products, both in domestic and in foreign markets. As the UAE is a coastal state, fishery has always been a great support of the national economy. The state also directly participates in the development of this industry. Local fishermen are provided with specialized technology and equipment for fishing. Such stimulation of the sector allows to ramp up the industry.

It should be noted that the foreign citizens are prohibited from being engaged in the industry without the participation of local fishermen. Besides, foreign companies may not export fish products. Only local fishermen, who have obtained an appropriate permit, which is valid for a certain period of time (from November to April), can be engaged in the export.

Fish industry and fish in the UAE is a traditional craft, which is actively supported by the government. The government is always in search of ways to enhance fisheries and agriculture.

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