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Since 2004, the UAE has been governed by Sheikh Khalifa – the older son of the state’s founder Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Full version

Al Qudra Lakes are a network of human-made lakes in the UAE located in the heart of the Saih Al Salam Desert near Dubai. The lakes themselves cover an area of 10 hectares and are home to numerous birds including many migratory species, while the Swan Lake in Dubai houses a lot of exotic birds. Here you can see such animals as a desert fox, oryx and many others in their natural habitat.

Not far from the Al Qudra Lake there is a five-star Bab Al Shams resort where travelers can comfortably settle down enjoying the local views. The UAE has built an entire infrastructure around the lakes to make it easier for tourists to spend their time here. So, what can one do and see at Al Qudra Lakes except for the lakes themselves?

1. TREK Bicycle Shop

If you want to explore the Al Qudra Lakes but prefer not to walk, this is not a problem. Here you can rent a special bike designed for driving on sand. Renting a bicycle to ride around the lakes in Dubai will cost you 105 dirhams per day. Advanced cyclists will definitely find something new and interesting here. The store operates from Sunday to Thursday from 6 am to 10 pm.

2. Cycle Track

After renting a bicycle in the store to ride around the lakes in Dubai, you can start following one of the world's longest bicycle roads. Its length is 84 kilometers, and it goes across the desert to Al Qudra Lakes. Every Friday, there are races for beginners and advanced cyclists held at the lakes.

3. Camping

Not far from the cycle track, to the south of the bike store, there are dozens of prepared camping tours. Having spent an energetic day of exercise, one can rest here, watch unforgettable sunset and dawn on the magnificent lakes of the UAE. Desert, lakes and an oasis – all this in just 25 minutes walk from the center of the city of Dubai.

4. Grocery Store and ZAD Café

When going out for a picnic, people usually take some snacks. However, if a picnic is unplanned and you don't take anything with you, it does not matter. There is a grocery store and a small cafe serving Oriental coffee, cocktails and local Arabic snacks near the lakes. Here you can also buy firewood and other small things necessary for camping on the lakes of Dubai.

5. Al Qudra Lakes

And now about the lakes themselves. After the completion of a large-scale reconstruction project, the artificial lakes of Al Qudra in Dubai have become home to more than 170 species of birds and animals. A tourist can simply enjoy a beautiful picturesque wildlife world in the UAE.

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