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The United Arab Emirates are located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is the geographical position of the country that predetermines the diversity of its fauna, as well as the main features of its flora. The country borders on Saudi Arabia and Oman and is washed by the Persian Gulf. Despite the country’s small size, the fauna and flora of the UAE amaze travelers with their diversity.

Birds of the UAE

About 400 species of birds live on the territory of the UAE. Many of them are migratory, that is, they spend only the winter on the peninsula. It is the winter that is a perfect period of time for birdwatching. Many of these birds are marine ones. Birds of the UAE are represented by passerine birds, Old World babblers, warblers, bulbuls, desert larks, wheatears, rollers and many others.

Birds in Dubai

What birds live in Dubai? Dubai is a true paradise for birdwatchers. Birds in Dubai attract many of them. In winter, you can see unusually beautiful birds that migrated from Africa or Asia in the UAE. We advise you to visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary or the Golf Club to admire the spotted eagle, broad-billed sandpiper, heron, pintail snipe or isabelline shrike. This is an excellent opportunity to see the birds of the UAE and Dubai in all their glory and make memorable photos that will definitely become the pearl of your birdwatcher’s collection. Birds in Dubai are definitely worth your attention.

Insects of the UAE

The world of insects inhabiting the UAE is also diverse. However, they remain unnoticed by the majority of people. On the one hand, this is due to their small size; on the other hand, most of them are nocturnal. Insects in the UAE neighbor with people quietly without having any significant influence on their lives. Insects in the UAE include carpenter bee, Arabian cicadas, tiger-beetle, billbug, mayfly and many others. Redback spider is one of the few poisonous insects on the territory of the UAE.

UAE Animals

The UAE animals are under constant protection and guardianship of the local authorities. Hunting is prohibited on the territory of the country since many animals were exterminated as a result of human interference. The UAE animals had to adapt to the environment of the desert and tough living conditions. Unfortunately, the population of gazelles has significantly decreased. The UAE animals are represented by Arabian tahr, white oryx, Arabian wolf, striped hyena, red fox, desert lynx, Arabian wildcat, Arabian leopard, desert hedgehog and many others.

UAE Flora

Most plants in the UAE are salt tolerant, especially on the west coast of the country. In the east of the country, there are numerous dwarf trees, while the lagoons are mostly inhabited by white mangrove. The UAE flora is represented by such plants as Calotropis procera, desert hyacinth, desert thumb and many others. Plains in the north-east of the country are the most populated part of the country from the point of view of flora. The climate of the mountains is cooler and more temperate – there are a lot of amazing alpine flowers here.

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