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Since 2004, the UAE has been governed by Sheikh Khalifa – the older son of the state’s founder Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Full version

The traditions of Arab Emirates, owing to the Muslim polity, have their own specificity and peculiarities. Planning a vacation in the UAE, you should take into consideration the fact that the historic traditions and customs are hold sacred and revered here. Knowing all the ins and outs of the unique Arabian life, you will be able to respond to the various situations adequately, and will feel yourself as comfortable as possible.

Religious traditions

Speaking about the religiousness of the Arab people, it should be noted that all the Arabic customs and traditions are based on the Quran which is the Muslims’ Holy book. The Quran is not only the religious, but also a cultural sample of the Arabic written language.

The Muslims pray five times a day, and during the celebration of the Holy month of Ramadan all the followers should fast. Eating, drinking and smoking is prohibited in the daytime. All the day time of Ramadan, parties and entertainment events are not admissible.

The attitude towards women

Woman are assigned the special place in the traditions of the Arab people. The woman in the East is the keeper of family happiness and fire place at home. Arab woman should not feel the needs, and the husband must present her with gifts and jewelry.

In response to such a respectful attitude, a woman should behave with modesty and restraint. It is forbidden to show in public any exposed body parts, and woman must be accompanied by her spouse or an elder relative when outdoors.

There is a special day for Arab women. Once a week all the water parks, beaches, beauty salons and fitness centers are opened only for women.

Family traditions

Family traditions of United Arab Emirates have their origin in the remote history. From time immemorial Arab people was led a tribal way of life. Each tribe was divided into separate clans, which included several families. Due to such an arrangement, the family in the UAE has always had a great importance.

Till nowadays the worst punishment for the Arabs is the banishment from the family circle. Although modern life has an effect on the traditional Arab way of life, family ties remain sacred for every resident of the UAE.

Educational environment

The traditions of the Arab people assign a special place for the area of education. Since the ancient times, the Arab people was remarkable for high knowledge and literacy. Formerly private teachers were stand high in esteem but today such modern educational institutions as schools, universities and colleges have come into play.

Primary education is compulsory and absolutely free in the UAE. Specialized secondary education serves as an extra one. Annually training programs for the adult population, which allows to eliminate illiteracy completely, are implemented.

National entertainment

In the UAE you will not be able to find gambling-houses or casino as gambling is prohibited here. But the lack of a gambling component is compensated by the numerous sporting events. Various sport competitions are organized here every week. It can be camel racing or bullfighting. Arabs prefer falconry as a luxury rest. Such hunting is an ancient Arabic tradition and it keeps the centuries-old memory.

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