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The United Arab Emirates has rich history evidenced by the results of the archaeological works, which are carried out on the territory of the country. The discovered artefacts have revealed that the first people settled in the UAE 6000 years ago. Moreover, stone knives, adornments and utensils, which are typical of Mesopotamia, indicate that the local settlements were mostly engaged in trade.

In the 7th century the present-day Emirates territory belonged to Arabic caliphate and in the Middle Ages, it became a part of Oman. In 18th century, littoral Arab principalities were fighting against East Indian campaign, which aimed at placing control over freight traffic in the Persian Gulf. The constant military conflicts had made sheiks and ameers to sign an agreement, in accordance with which England dominated on the territory of Arab state. However, in spite of domination of England, local citizens did not negate their ancient traditions and kept following them.

At the beginning of 20th century, the UAE started fighting for independence and at the same time oil reservoirs were found on the territory of the Arabian Gulf. In 50th of last century an active “black gold” mining started that caused a flow of foreign investments. Meanwhile, the Arab Principalities were still under protection of England. The United Arab Emirates became independent only in 1971.

Where to see Archaeological diggings in the UAE

You can get acquainted with real archaeological diggings in the Fujairah area. Archaeologists found out ancient masjids, ancient settlements, a sovereign palace, market, caravan - serai etc., near the commercial harbour. Scientists discovered that findings are dated back to different periods of time since 9th to 17-18th centuries. During excavations, a lot of clay ware were found. They are displayed in Dubai Museum now (working hours: Sunday-Thursday from 9 to 14.30).

If you want to see archaeological diggings, it’s worth to go to Badiyah. That is a seaside town where the most ancient masjid made completely of clay is located. Moreover, in Fujairah you can see a picturesque fort that witnessed battles of Omani tribes in 18th century.

The Umm Al Qaiwain emirate is also rich with archaeological findings. There were ruins of two ancient cities Tel Abrak and Ad-Dur found that had existed more than 2 thousand years ago. While excavation, a lot of housewares, stone walls remains, cistvaens were found as well as different items having been imported by sales representatives from Egypt and Syria. The entrance to the diggings territory is free.

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