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There are places, the uniqueness of which can be felt just after seeing them with your own eyes. These surely include the artificial islands, washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf. They are justly considered the eighth wonder of the world – their grandeur and uniqueness impress one and all. What is fascinating is that these creations of human hands are visible even from the moon.

"Palm" Islands – the highlight of Dubai

Three archipelagoes in the shape of the date palms – Jumeirah, Deira and Jebel Ali - are the most ambitious creations in the UAE. Artificial islands, which are magnificent in their beauty, are created from the stone, sand and limestone, which are mined from the depths of the Persian Gulf and country mountains.

The top of each island-palm is crowned with the crescent – symbol of Islam. But in addition to the sacred meaning, it also plays the important role in ensuring the longevity of the artificial Islands – it serves as a breakwater, preventing the erosion of the man-made archipelagoes.

The first and the most original artificial island in Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah. There is the luxurious and stunning in its greatness Atlantis hotel. Designed in the form of two pompous towers, it is the embodiment of the harmonious unification of the Arab traditions and scientific-technical progress.

The second largest «palm» island is Jebel Ali. It is almost twice the size of its predecessor and its main part is occupied by the private residential developments – diverse luxury villas with pools, garden houses and bungalows in the Polynesian style. This project is in the development stage.

Deira is the largest of the three palm islands. The area of this artificial archipelago in Dubai is five times larger than the area of Palm Jebel Ali and in eight times of Palm Jumeirah. The Deira artificial island is still under construction: according to the plan it will consist of 41 branches, and it will be able to accommodate up to 1 million people.

The "Universe" and the "World" in Dubai

There are two unique creations between the "palm" islands – the archipelagoes "World" and "Universe".

The government of Dubai was prompted to create the group of artificial islands the "World" by the large influx of tourists into the UAE. At ones there were not enough beaches to accommodate all those wishing to relax on the seashore of the Persian Gulf, and the authorities came up with the idea to create another archipelago. But as the coastal line was already occupied by Palm islands, construction of the "World" was started at the distance of 4 km from the shore. It has a truly fantastic shape which resembles the continents. The first buildings on some islands have already been built, and the construction of the projects on the other islands of the artificial archipelago is in the planning stage.

In the nearest plans there is the expansion of the "World" archipelago by the project the "Universe", which will be even more impressive.

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