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Industry exhibition EXPO 2020 will be the first international event of this scale in the Middle East. The authorities of the UAE assure they will take maximum efforts to organize the exhibition at the highest level.

According to forecasts by international analysts, during the event more than 25 million tourists will visit the United Arab Emirates. First of all it means construction of new hotel complexes and appropriate tourist infrastructure. Holding international exhibition in Dubai will be the great stimulus for further development and strengthening of the economy of the Emirate and the country in general.

Prospects and advantages

To today’s date, analysts and experts in the field of real estate have noted a clear trend of growth in real estate prices. According to experts, in the coming years a sharp rise is expected in value of residential and commercial real estate in Dubai.

During preparation period for the exhibition, the Emirate’s economy will receive a powerful impetus to stabilization and growth. It is planned to create more than 200 thousand new jobs that will be involved in the construction, tourism and hospitality sectors.

Dubai authorities have reported that by 2020 transport infrastructure will shift to an absolutely new level. It is reported that all the motorways heading to the exhibition will be improved with new overpasses and interchanges, a new metro line will be put into operation; it is also planned to buy eco-friendly taxis and buses. By 2020 a new railway line Etihad Rail will be constructed as well as urban tram line will run. According to experts, all the elements of the city’s transport network will effectively interact and constitute a single system.

It's well known that such international event can give a powerful push to development of the region where they it is held. The exhibition may have a significant impact on many economic sectors of the Emirates. Domestic labor market is expected to have central changes and rapid growth. Interest of foreign entrepreneurs has markedly increased to the venue of the exhibition, which will consequently increase inflow of investment capital.

Thus, the main advantage of the international exhibition is to expand investment prospects. International experts have already noted an increase in the volume of reinvestment of financial assets operating in the region. Moreover growth index of new investment projects are increasing.

EXPO 2020 in Dubai will become a new stage in the development of international relations. New doors to the markets of many countries will open. First of all, effective trading channels to the markets of Asia and Africa will be established, which will enable to increase volume of re-export and export.

The United Arab Emirates have always been supporters of peace and stability in the Middle East region. State policy is aimed at maintaining tolerance and human rights protection. The world Exhibition will be a perfect ground to continue to promote mutual understanding between nations and strengthen peaceful relations. Holding the international exhibition will be a real possibility for the world to achieve common progress and strengthen global economy.

The United Arab Emirates – is a relatively young country, which in 2021 will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The United Arab Emirates authorities express full confidence that transformation of Dubai by 2020 will be a triumph of innovation, creativity and collective unity of all peoples working on this planet.

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