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Bur Dubai district

Article image: Bur Dubai district

Bur Dubai is a historic center and one of the most popular destinations in Dubai for tourist. It is ideal for shopping, business meetings, leisure, sightseeing and exploring the history of the Emirates.

Bur Dubai district is located on the left coast of Dubai Creek – the gulf that divides the city into two parts. Previously this place was a home for richest residents, whereas today it constitutes mainly shopping streets. Bur Dubai is known among shoppers for electronic appliances sold at a very competitive price in comparison with other places in the UAE. Here you can also purchase famous brands such as Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Max the Magician, Christian Dior.

What is worth visiting in Bur Dubai?

The main attractions of Bur Dubai are as follows:

  • - The village of pearl divers (The Diving Village). This is a real open-air museum, which tells about the history of pearl production and fishing activity that constituted the main business of local people of the UAE.
  • - Sheikh’s House. Today, the former palace of the Dubai Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, built in the late 19th century, is a magnificent architectural monument. When walking through its rooms you know about lifestyle of the rulers of that time and centuries-old traditions of Arab architecture. One of the most interesting places in Sheikh’s house is the room where he liked to have a rest. According to the legend, Saeed liked to spent time in solitude here and enjoyed contemplating passing ships and thinking over on the governmental projects.
  • - Heritage Village (Heritage & Diving Village). At the mouth of the Khor Dubai you will find a village with traditional architecture and culture of the Emirates. Having visited this place, you'll learn how to extract pearls, see the work of the weavers and potters, and will visit real bazaar. Furthermore, camel racing is organized here regularly - a fascinating performance, especially for children. The Heritage Village is always bustling. It is definitely not a place with calm and quiet atmosphere.
  • - Creekside Park. It is located on the eastern coast of Dubai Creek. The park constitutes a beautiful green oasis in the middle of the desert. Creekside is especially popular among locals as a place for family vacations. Here you may not only enjoy amusement rides, but also play golf, have a picnic, and in the evening see performance or concert in large amphitheater.
  • - Historical Museum. It used to be a fort that defended Dubai from attacks of neighboring tribes. Nowadays the main museum of the city is located here, telling visitors about the history of the city.

Bur Dubai is a place where history of the Emirates comes alive.

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