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Availability of a personal vehicle makes life much easier for the residents of the UAE. The public transport system is underdeveloped in almost all the emirates, except for Dubai. That is why the local residents essentially drive their own cars.

Firstly, new cars in the UAE are relatively cheap owing to the low duties on the imported vehicles. As to the used cars, their average age is only 3-4 years. Besides, their cost price is reduced by half or even more comparing with the prices for new cars. Secondly, the car registration procedure is simple, transparent and excludes any potential red tape. Thirdly, the expenses of maintaining an “iron horse” (gasoline, auto service) are relatively low in the United Arab Emirates. Anyway, a consistent usage of taxi services when moving around the city requires more expenses. And of course, we need to mention the perfect road infrastructure, which makes driving a sheer pleasure.

Features of buying and selling cars in the United Arab Emirates

First of all, you will need a local driving licence. Citizens of some countries, including the USA, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Spain, and etc., may simply exchange their international driving permit. People from other countries must undergo training in a local driving school and pass both theoretical and practical exams. You cannot register a car on your name without having a local driving licence.

Another question is where to buy a car in the UAE? If you are looking for a used car, you can choose it on any auto website, for example, or visit an Al Aweer Used Car Market in Dubai or Abu Shagara in Sharjah. If you do not want to waste your time, you can make use of services of numerous intermediary companies. They provide services of checking the technical condition of vehicles and processing necessary documents.

While buying a car you must register it at the Vehicle Licensing Department. You will have to submit a buy-sell agreement, local driving licence and insurance policy. Vehicle inspection is mandatory if buying a used car. After submitting required documents and passing inspection, a new vehicle identification number will be issued. The whole car registration procedure takes no more than an hour and costs about $ 100.

Conversely, if you want to sell your car in the UAE, you can either place advertisements on the auto websites and sell it by yourself, or turn to a specialized company. Once you have found a buyer and executed a buy-sell agreement a deal can be considered successful. Car registration procedure is a concern of the person who purchases a vehicle.

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