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Advanced shoppers are well aware that Dubai is famous not only for its beaches. There are a great number of brand shops and boutiques, many of which are located in the Dubai City Walk District.

If you look at the City Walk District in Dubai on the map of the city, you will see that it is a rectangular shape square, about 300 m * 430 m in size.

The City Walk in Dubai, UAE - Super Modern Paradise for Shoppers

At first glance, it seems that the City Walk District in Dubai is a just couple of streets with shopping and entertainment complexes, but in fact, there are also boutiques, and cozy street cafes, and beauty salons, and fitness clubs, and playgrounds, and cinemas and much more. Here you can find multi-brand boutiques, for example, “S*uce in the Hood,” or “TNTees” with the clothes of the Norwegian brand One Piece. Also, there are shops with original clothes from foreign fashion icons such as Peruvian designer Michelle Belau.

If you are looking for elements of home decor in the City Walk District in Dubai, then you should visit Roberto Cavalli Decor or Designers Home boutiques.

Fans of healthy lifestyle come to the Holland & Barrett boutique to purchase such exotic products as argan oil and Puer tea. Here you will find many products marked as organic.

If you feel as if you had enough shopping, you can have a snack here. You will find dishes to your taste in local restaurants and cafés while lovers of American steaks and connoisseurs of Spanish and Lebanese cuisine will also have something to enjoy here. Those who are looking for Asian exotic can visit such restaurants as La Postreria, Miskeh Lebanese Restaurant, Rice Creamery, Ferré Café.

Festive events are often held on the main square of the district “Dubai City Wolf.” There are Caboodle children's playgrounds, where your children can play games while you go shopping. Shortly, travelers will also be able to visit the area called The Green Planet – a site with evergreen tropical forest.

City Walk in Dubai – How to Get There?

So you've arrived in Dubai for shopping and want to get to the City Walk area in Dubai – how to do that? The district is located in the very center of the city, not far from the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa. There are buses No.7, 28, 81, C14, Dubai Petroleum Corporation 1/2 stop. The City Walk District in Dubai is located about 14 km from the Dubai International Airport so that a taxi ride will take you about 15 minutes.

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