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Preparations for the international exhibition EXPO 2020, which will be held in the United Arab Emirates, are in full swing. Improvement of transport infrastructure is one of the main tasks for the UAE government: it is expected that the exhibition will attract about 20 million people, and Dubai population will top 3.1 million.

New roads and metro in Dubai

The UAE government closely monitors the process of preparation for EXPO 2020. In 2015, the ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid has personally approved a number of transport infrastructure development projects in terms of preparation for the international exhibition.

It is planned that three new metro lines (purple, gold and blue) will be up and running before the opening of EXPO 2020. Upon completion of the first phase of construction, their total length will be more than 100 km. New metro lines will connect the place of exhibition with other important facilities, including railway and an international airport. By 2030, at the final stage of construction, the total length of Dubai metro will be 421 km (197 stations).

When designing new metro lines, the architects paid attention not only to the issues of safety and comfort, but also to the issue of aesthetics: as an example - the shape of one station resembles wings.

Works on modernization of the road network are carried out simultaneously with the construction of metro. It is planned to widen three highways, including the one that connects the exhibition centre with the airport.

In addition, the 9km Al Yalayes Road, which spans four lanes in each direction and connects two important routes Е611 and E311, will be constructed in Dubai especially for EXPO 2020. Yalayes Road, originating from Al Houdh Roundabout, will connect Dubai Investment Park and Green Community with the highway Е611. The new road will relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic flow from the port of Jebel Ali in the direction of Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and other Emirates.

The new transport projects also include the Dubai Water Canal. It will connect the Persian Gulf and a business district Dubai Business Bay. The parameters of the canal (8 meters width, 6 meters deep) will allow the passing of yachts and marine craft.


More than 35 large-scale projects worth 30 billion dirhams are envisioned for the international exhibition in Dubai. 25 billion dirhams will be spent on infrastructure development, including expansion of roads, metro and tram network. Thus, by the beginning of EXPO 2020 Dubai will be fully prepared to receive dozens of millions of tourists.

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