Article image: Construction of the Bluewaters Island in Dubai in preparation for EXPO 2020

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The United Arab Emirates has planned a number of ambitious projects for the international exhibition EXPO 2020. One of them is the artificial Bluewaters Island. Its name in English means “an island of blue waters”.

This is the most anticipated attraction of Dubai. The final cost of construction was about $ 1.6 billion dollars. According to expert estimates, the “Island of blue waters” will attract about 3 million tourists annually.

Bluewaters Island — the island that impresses with its scale and luxury

The government of the UAE never ceases to surprise the world with its ambitious and astounding projects. This time, in terms of preparation for EXPO 2020, the UAE emirs have decided to surprise the world with super structures, which are artificially built in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Even now, Bluewaters Island is called the pearl of Dubai and is admired for its unprecedented grandeur and outlandish luxury.

Bluewaters Island is an island for royal rest, mind blowing entertainment and, of course, shopping. Its territory is divided into several sectors: residential, commercial, entertainment and hotel, where a trendy 5-star boutique hotel “Venu” will be located. The hotel “Venu” will be characterized by modern architecture that combines modern style and supreme comfort, same as in all the hotels of this brand. In addition to the accommodation services, the hotel will also feature day spa, restaurants, business centre and its own beach.

The Dubai Eye, the world's tallest panoramic wheel will become the real highlight of Bluewater Island. This wheel has a diameter of 210 meters. As a comparison, a 57-story Montparnasse Tower in Paris has the same height. Dubai Eye cabins will boast stunning views of the futuristic architecture of Dubai and the waters of the Persian Gulf. An entertainment centre with space for conferences and business meetings will be located in the base of the panoramic wheel. In addition, an enormous screen, which will become an innovative platform for television, interactive communication, and advertising, will be installed on the wheel.

This super island will be connected to the mainland by bridges for cars and pedestrians. Besides, you will be able to get to Bluewater Island by monorail. Construction works on the improvement of transport connection were launched in 2015 under the auspices of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority. In accordance with the contract, plans call for the construction of two-lane bridge with a length of 1.4 km and intersections for a rapid transit system that will connect the island with the Nakheel Harbour and Tower metro stations in Dubai.

Currently, the construction of the Bluewater Island is at the completion stage: the bridge is almost completed and the frame of the panoramic wheel is built. According to the plan, this ambitious project will be launched by the end of 2016.

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