Article image: Construction of the Museum of the Future in Dubai within preparations for EXPO 2020

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The United Arab Emirates is in a full force preparing for the international exhibition EXPO 2020 as it is going to surprise the whole world. Numerous large-scale projects are created within the preparations, and the Museum of the Future is one of such projects.

What will one of the most unusual museums in the world look like?

The construction of the Museum of the Future is carried out not far from the Downtown, in the immediate vicinity of the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The city authorities want to create the largest museum on the planet. There are no doubts concerning the grandiosity of the project, which is evidenced at least by the fact that its implementation will cost about $ 200 million.

The very name “Museum of the Future” reveals that it will be something unusual and futuristic. Even the architectural design of the museum — an egg-shaped construction with an oval hole that looks like a huge ring — accentuates the uniqueness of the project. The museum will be equipped with capsule elevators in order to facilitate the movement of visitors.

According to the Dubai authorities, the Museum of the Future will become not only an exhibition space, but also a well-established research centre. Leading experts from various fields will develop new projects there. The building of the museum will be also used for holding different educational workshops, special courses, master classes and other events.

Unusual exhibits of the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future will exhibit the latest inventions, innovative concepts of modern design, unique gadgets, advanced technologies and other scientific and technical achievements from all over the world.

Here are some examples of exhibits that will be presented in the Museum of the Future: implantable brain chips that are able to link the minds of several people and allow to learn someone else's mood or provide instantaneous translation of foreign speech; bionic knees, allowing to jump up to 5 m in height and easily lift the objects that are two times heavier than the body weight.

All the visitors of the Museum will get an opportunity not only to view the exhibits, but also to learn more about the artificial intelligence appliances and the principle of interaction between robots and humans. For this purpose, there will be numerous special screens, which will show the latest achievements that allow to improve our physical, emotional and mental abilities. For example, such systems, based on the analysis of information about your personality, will be able to say what specialty you should choose in order to build the most successful career.

It is planned that the first visitors will cross the threshold of the Museum of the Future in 2017.

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