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Crime in Dubai remains at a minimum level. According to the law enforcement bodies, they have managed to minimise all illegal activities, including organized crime. However, law enforcement officers recognize that the reasonable public policy is the basis of ensuring public safety. Low unemployment, high level of social security and fulfilment of religious norms has transformed Dubai into the safest place on the planet.

Crime in Dubai – liabilities and legal implications

It is important to understand that the local legislation, despite the maximum loyalty from the state to foreign citizens, is quite severe to offenders. This can include both a significant financial penalty as well as imprisonment. It all depends on the severity of the offence and the legal consequences. Tourists are advised to be careful when visiting various crowded places, shopping malls, bazaars and markets or entertainment venues.

Be careful and attentive at the driving wheel, when you have to drive a motor vehicle. The current legislation in the UAE provides harsh penalties even for relatively small offenses. Therefore, it is almost inadmissible to break the law in the UAE. Take into account the country specifics and respect the religious feelings of the local people. Offensive attitude to women is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, and molestation of women can result a real prison term. Swearing and cursing in public places are also prohibited, otherwise you run the risk of becoming a visitor of a prison in the UAE.

Crime in Dubai – comparative statistics

The quarterly statistics shows that since the beginning of the year the decrease in crime rate is 7.3%. This figure deserves respect, taking into account the constant growth (on average 23%) of foreign visitors and residents coming into the country. The well-coordinated work of the law enforcement agencies, in its turn, has resulted in the reduction of the number of serious crimes. Today, it is safe to say that the law enforcement system, including the judicial bodies, correctional facilities and jails in the UAE, meets all the highest international standards.

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