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The Arab Principality of Dubai is considered worldwide as a real economic miracle of the 21st century. The leading position of the Emirate on the international arena became possible owing to the wise and reasonable policy of the ruling elite. Among the most significant figures of the Government of the Emirate one can single out the Crown Prince of the Emirate of Dubai – Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

Maktoum Generation: history of the origin

The Crown Prince of Dubai is the son of the famous Arab Sheikh Mohammed, who holds the post of Vice President and Prime Minister of the Emirates. As to the family tree of this ancient and great family, historians tell us that it takes its roots from the ancient Arab tribes of Bani Yas. These historical tribes lived on the territory of the modern cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi for hundreds of years.

The date of the founding of the Emirate of Dubai is considered as the 1833 year, when Arab Sheikh Maktoum bin Butti has founded the Arab Principality of Dubai in the bay area. Ever since, the ruling dynasty of the Emirate remains the same. And the parents of the current Crown Prince of the Emirate of Dubai are Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum and Hind bin Butti.

Crown Prince of Dubai: a way of life and hobbies

Despite the fact that the Crown Prince is bound with the regulatory powers and has to devote more time to the needs of the state, he leads a diverse and active lifestyle. Many experts admit that the Crown Prince has a brave character and is always open to the new sensations. The Crown Prince is not afraid of danger and gets the adrenaline in any possible ways.

First of all, these are the various extreme sports, flights on the ultra modern jet flight vehicles, skydiving, water skiing, motorcycles and scuba diving. There are no more types of the numerous water sports where the Crown Prince has not tried his skills and abilities. In addition, the Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum is keen on traveling and has traveled almost the half of the world. Thus, the exciting journeys of the Prince to Africa, where he took part in a Safari and hunted lions, are well-known. Besides the Prince has repeatedly visited other countries, where he took part in traditional hunting, including falconry.

In addition, the Crown Prince of Dubai likes hiking and horse riding, outdoor games, and especially football. Such attitude to life and active position on maintaining a healthy lifestyle have provided the Prince with the incredible popularity among the Arab people. The Crown Prince, according to the local population, is the pride and darling of all the Arabs.

Community work and service to the state

Since 2006, the Crown Prince was appointed as the chairman of the Executive Board of the Emirate, which exercises control and supervision of the various governmental entities. It is the Crown Prince who has initiated the creation and promotion of the strategic plan of the development of the Emirate in the coming years. Besides, Sheikh Hamdan is the director of the Sports Council of the Emirate of Dubai and the Institute of the young entrepreneurs.

The Crown Prince takes an active part in the social life of the Emirate and in various socially significant projects. For example, he leads a specialized autism center in the Emirate and is one of the main sponsors of the social program. He personally supervises several specialized funds that provide assistance to children and animals, and also actively participates in charity events.

In conclusion it can be noted that, despite a high position in society, worldwide fame and considerable financial condition, the Crown Prince remains a sample of modesty. He admits himself as a faithful member of the Arab people and makes great efforts to provide his nation with a bright future and prosperity.

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