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Visiting the United Arab Emirates you will not get a complete picture of this country, until you participate in desert jeep safari. This modern entertainment is not only for fans of extreme sports and thrills, but as well as for fans of unique natural scenery and antiquities.

Visitors and tourists of Dubai can enjoy a fascinating day trip or with an overnight stay in the midst of endless desert. You will have the opportunity to experience flavor and colorful spirit of real Arabia. Modern Jeeps - SUVs will carry you through sandy hills with breeze, and experienced drivers will surprise you with their skill and ability to overcome impassable places. You may also test your own skills in extreme driving in the desert.

Program of desert jeep safari

Program of trip may include the following:

  • High-speed driving on modern SUV on the dunes;
  • Visiting the Bedouin settlement and camel riding;
  • Sandy slalom and picnics under the sky.

In fact, a desert safari in Dubai is an impeccably organized tour of varying lengths. Visitors and tourists are free to determine duration of the tour program.

Currently jeep safari in Dubai deserves the status of the most extreme and exciting journey, which will sure to impress even the most discerning visitors to the country.

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