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Astronomy and Astronautics in the UAE are on their way to a completely new level and meet all the needs of the time. This is proved by the long-term space programs and the beginning of launching artificial satellites into outer space. It is not a secret that over the course of history, Arab intellectuals have given the world community a great number of discoveries, and space exploration is not an exception. Today the Government of the UAE strives for creating a favourable atmosphere for innovation activities in this area.

UAE space exploration and space infrastructure

Today the large-scale projects, which are aimed at the space exploration, are implemented on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. These include modern centres and specialized planetariums, which enable a round-the-clock observation of space. Astronomical laboratories and research centres are created for representatives of the scientific world and young professionals.

New departments and faculties, which study space, are opened annually in the higher educational institutions. The modern observatories are equipped with the most advanced technologies and involve the best skilled labour from all over the world. And the specialized theme parks are ready to initiate even the most unenlightened guests into the world of space.

Currently, the active work on creation of the own space program is done with the aim to launch a satellite in 2012, which is to be completely manufactured in the UAE.

Astronomy in the UAE – prospects and needs

Advanced technologies and an extensive global experience of space exploration come into service of the modern scientists. Therefore, implementation of a number of projects on the creation of the most modern observatories and advanced space telescopes is planned for the promotion of astronomical researches. Access to such facilities is opened not only for the scientific community, but also to anyone interested in outer space.

The main purpose of such projects is the creation of the region’s largest centre of space and astronomical exploration. According to the independent experts, the Middle East region faces an acute shortage of such astronomical projects. That is why more and more experts believe that the United Arab Emirates can become a platform for Arabic astronomy revival. Moreover, implementation of the large-scale space projects and construction of the high-class observatories in Dubai is a significant contribution to the development of space exploration in the whole world.

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