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Besides its enormous futuristic buildings and clean beaches, the UAE is also famous for the excellent conditions for diving. But few know, that its underwater world can rival with the Egyptian one.

Diving in Arab Emirates will help you to discover a variety of exotic marine life (coral reefs, needlefish, giant turtles, six-foot manta rays, etc.). You will also have an opportunity to touch the mystery of sunken ships and underwater caves.

Best time for diving in the UAE

The perfect season for scuba diving in the United Arab Emirates is the period in January and February. The heat goes down to comfortable 25-30°С, and the temperature of the water is the same — 25-30°C. Besides, in this period the underwater world is ready to show itself in all its glory, and it is the most important object for the diver. Not far from the coast there swim parrot fishes, octopuses, seahorses, harmless whale sharks, barracudas, lionfishes and many other exotic inhabitants of the water.

Summer is not the best time for diving in the UAE. Firstly, the incredible heat rises to 50°C, and secondly, the seawater is very turbid and covered with a layer of plankton. In autumn and at the beginning of winter, diving is not very comfortable here because of "Red tides".

The best places for diving

The diving centres can be found almost in all resorts on the coast of the UAE. However, there are three most popular places for diving here:


Experts say that it is the best resort for scuba diving fans. A large number of fish including reef sharks and batfishes (ogcocephalus) inhabit the coastal waters. In addition to the marine life, the stunning coral reefs and old wrecks are awaiting you. In Fujairah the water is so clean that while immersing the visibility is up to 25 m.


Scuba diving in Dubai is intended mainly for professionals. Here you can swim near the ships, pontoons, barges, which were flooded specially to create the underwater fauna, flora and artificial reefs.

In the coastal waters of Dubai at the depth of 30 m 15 shipwrecks "rest": "Yasim" with the hold filled with cars, the barge "Neptune", covered with corals, "Lion City" with a large colony of tunas, "Ludwig", inhabited by whiptail stingrays, etc.

The Musandam Peninsula

It is located in Northern Oman, in the north of the UAE, and has a rocky coastline and stunning coral reefs. The water is so transparent here that one can see at the depth of 80 m. Nature is almost untouched by civilization, and near the shore it is possible to find huge manta rays, whale sharks and giant sea turtles. You will be pleasantly impressed by scuba diving on the Musandam Peninsula.

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