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The Dubai megalopolis has been already long ago recognized by the international experts as a major international tourist and business center. Owing to the competent policy of the government of the Emirate, the significant foreign investments, which contribute to the economic growth, are attracted into the national economy. City Dubai is the place where the traditional Oriental luxury coexists with modern mega buildings, and where the exotic vacation combines with a high level of service.

Many foreign visitors and tourists come to the United Arab Emirates in order to visit the world's best shopping malls and stores. Every shopping mall in Dubai is not only a platform for purchasing some goods, but they are the unique projects which include a lot of entertainments and attractions. A famous shopping mall in Dubai – Mall of the Emirates – can serve as an example.

Mall of the Emirates: a ski resort in the desert

The main attraction of the shopping mall “Mall of the Emirates” is a great project – artificial skiing resort Ski Dubai. According to the experts, it is the world's largest artificial mountain-skiing slope, the total area of which is more than 22 thousand square meters and the capacity is about 1.5 thousand visitors per day. It should be noted that there are no similar projects throughout the entire Middle East.

In addition to the fact that the modern shopping malls of the Dubai megalopolis offer a great variety of the most different goods for visitors and tourists, here you will find cozy cafes and restaurants, playgrounds for children, attractions and cinemas. Each shopping mall is ready to offer a unique vacation and a lot of positive emotions.

Wafi City Mall: jewelry Elysium for foreign visitors

In this shopping mall, everyone will find entertainment and attractions that match his taste. It is here that there is a large-scale entertainment center, which is very popular among the foreign visitors and the local population. The best in the city jewelry shops are also located on the territory of the complex. You can have no doubts that you’ll find here a decent gift for those closest to you.

Dubai Mall: splendor and beauty of the underwater world

This shopping mall is a vast area where there are numerous brand shops, modern cinemas, zoological garden and amusement parks. But still the main attraction of the complex is a unique oceanarium, where more than 30 thousand inhabitants of the underwater world are represented. You’ll have an opportunity to learn a lot of interesting about the life of the inhabitants of the deep sea and to test yourself in the underwater dive. Those who like extreme can perform a dive in a special cage, which is surrounded by the sea predators.

Ibn Battuta Mall – themed halls and the traditional spirit

Visitors and guests have an opportunity to visit various thematic areas here, including Egyptian, Chinese, Tunisian, Indian, Andalusian and Persian areas. Each themed area is designed and decorated in the traditional spirit of the respective country. Those who wish can visit the restaurants, which serve the culinary delights of all the countries and cultures. Amusement rides and modern cinemas are also available at your service.


It is impossible to list all the sights of this unique megalopolis in a one article. But we can definitely say– there is really something to see in the local shopping malls. Regardless whether you go on vacation alone or with family, there will be a lot of fun and exciting entertainments. Visiting shopping malls is not only an opportunity to make a bargain, but it is also an opportunity to relax with the maximum comfort in a cozy and favourable environment.

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