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Imagine that you have a great opportunity to save money during a tourist trip to the Emirates. For example, you visit a water park with the whole family, and every second ticket for visiting various attractions you get absolutely for free. Or in the restaurant, you are offered to pay just for a one dish, and another you get on the house costs. You can save even in spa salons and hotels, when the second day of the stay or the second procedure in the salon are provided free of charge. Rent of the limousines and yachts, children's rides and sport games, and even medical services – all of these you can get with a 50% discount.

Such a unique opportunity for foreign guests and tourists is provided by the “Entertainer” service. Let’s try to understand what the benefits are and how it allows to save on the tourist trips.

Entertainer System: where and how does it work

In fact, this system is the special collection of the vouchers or coupons, which operate on the principle "Pay for first, get the second free". As a rule, such collections are created for the whole country or for a single Emirate, and are valid for one year.

An interesting fact:

According to the independent experts, the catalog of coupons of the Entertainer system allows one to save on entertainments and resort holiday about 1 thousand dollars for each trip.

In other words, while being at a vacation resort, you will have to spend two times less money on entertainment and rides, than you have planned before. It is worth noting that the system cooperates closely with a variety of affiliate networks. For example, the following companies and institutions are involved in the affiliate programme in the Emirate of Dubai:

  • Bars, cafes, food courts, night clubs and restaurants;
  • Dolphinariums, water parks and entertainment facilities;
  • Sightseeing and tourist agencies;
  • Establishments for active recreation, swimming pools and gyms;
  • Beauty and spa salons, fitness and wellness centres.

Restrictions in the Entertainer System

The validity of the coupons and vouchers for discounts applies only to the services and offers which are listed in the catalog. Read the terms carefully before using a coupon. You should also pay special attention to the working hours of various establishments, and it is especially important during the celebration of religious and national holidays. Besides, discount offers can be offered during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The system does not accept any responsibilities in the cases when the coupons can not be used because the establishment ceased its operation.

Types and terms of the discount coupons

You can use either as a paper catalog or a special mobile app in order to get a discount. Just enter your PIN code into the appropriate column in order to activate the electronic version. As to the paper versions, they can be shown at the entrance to the establishment, or when paying the bill.

It is allowed to use no more than four discount coupons per visit. You can give coupons to your relatives and friends who intend to use them.

Entertainer System is the great opportunity to spend a comfortable holiday in the Emirates, and at the same time to save a considerable amount.

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