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Dubai Marina - prestigious district of Dubai, which was named after artificial canal Marina that embraces the district. Thanks to its impressive, ultra-modern architecture and breathtaking panorama Dubai Marina is very popular among residents and wealthy tourists. Here elegant luxury buildings blend with beautiful coastal scenery and impeccable comfort. The most powerful effect is achieved at night when the district is illuminated.

Dubai Marina is located on the coast of the Arab Gulf, close to the artificial island Palm Jumeirah, 25-minute drive from Dubai Airport. Just within six years around two hundred skyscrapers and luxurious hotels were built. Currently, Dubai Marina is one of the few artificial facilities that may be seen from space.

Dubai Marina – the pearl of Dubai

Dubai Marina is a real city within a city, an island of luxury and leisure in the heart of bustling metropolis. This posh area sometimes is compared with Venice, where modern marinas are designed as posts. Dubai Marina is constantly updating its image, i.e. new luxurious building are being built, parks are opened, green oases emerge.

Here life is bustling not only during the day, but also at night. The world's most prestigious marinas is stretching out in the central part of the district. Visitors will find numerous cozy coffee houses, restaurants, chic boutiques and trendy clubs on the beach of Dubai Marina. Special footpaths laid in marina are ideal for romantic stroll or afternoon jogging. Shoppers will definitely enjoy their time in the shopping center of Dubai Marina, while fans of boating will experience unforgettable emotions from yachting.

Modern Dubai Marina

The district is a home for about one hundred thousand people. Dubai Marina witnessed the most flow of residents upon construction boom, when many comfortable apartment complexes, luxury restaurants, beautiful promenades were built.

One peculiar feature that will immediately catch your eyes when visiting the area is its cosmopolitan nature. When meeting people from different corners of the world in the street, it may seem that you are in a different country. In additional to indigenous people living in Dubai Marina, this place is a home for Americans, Australians, people from Europe, Asia and other regions of the world. Each of them brings a piece of their tradition, creating an amazing blend of cultures and religions.

Dubai Marina is the best place for premium leisure and luxurious life!

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