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If you do not have your own motor vehicle for transportation in the United Arab Emirates, taxi will be the best option. Taxi is the most common and popular means of transportation in Dubai. It is worth noting that today you will not find any private taxi driver without a taxi meter in Dubai. All the taxis without exception are owned by the state Transport Corporation and its official representative offices in the regions.

Urban taxis in Dubai are equipped with the systems of radio communication with central traffic control service and have meters with a fixed tariff for the transportation of passengers. All the information about the number of kilometers and transported passengers is saved on a special information carrier, which is submitted for the check after the end of the shift. This approach eliminates completely unfair actions on the side of taxi driver. In addition, each car of the city taxi fleet is equipped with the built-in Global Positioning System.

And what's the important is that all the taxis in Dubai have air conditioning systems. No matter what is the temperature on the other side of the automobile glass, a cool passenger compartment and comfortable transportation through the city streets are guaranteed for you.

Taxi in Dubai – information for the foreign guests

Urban taxis do not stand still, but cruse constantly looking for clients, so you will have no problems with finding the car. You can easily ask the hotel staff to call a taxi for you. Workers of shopping and entertainment venues will also easily call a taxi for you, you should just ask them. This way is the easiest, but be prepared that you will have to wait a certain time until the car will arrive. If time is running out, it is better to get out of the hotel complex and catch a taxi on the road or on the parking area.

You can stop taxi anywhere, and the only thing that matters is that the driver should have a possibility to park a car and not to interfere with the city transport flow. It can be a parking space or a bus stop. If you need to travel beyond the city or even the Emirate, the intercity taxis are available at your services. It all depends on your preferences and financials.

The cost of a taxi in Dubai

Typically, the minimum taxi fare in Dubai starts from 10 AED, but there are exceptions in other Emirates. For example, when driving through the territory of the Emirate of Sharjah, you will have to pay extra 20 Dirhams, due to the distance of the trip and intense traffic.

In other cases, Dubai taxi offers passengers the following fares:

  • Calling a taxi via dispatch service – 6 AED;
  • Boarding in the parking lot or on the roadway – 5 AED;
  • Boarding a taxi at the airport – 20 AED;

It should be noted that these prices are valid only during the daytime (from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM). The costs may increase at night, but only slightly. Besides, the price may vary depending on the firm engaged in passenger transportation.

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