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The United Arab Emirates is the Islamic state, whose citizens respect their traditions. Every year the UAE celebrates Ramadan — one of the most important Muslim holidays. It is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, when, according to legend, the Prophet Muhammad received Quran. Ramadan is celebrated in summer, and the exact dates vary from year to year.

During Ramadan, the hustle and bustle of the UAE cities are replaced by peace and calm. During the Holy month, all Muslim believers can neither drink nor eat between sunrise and sunset.

What should you remember while staying in Dubai during Ramadan?

Do not feel down if your holidays in Dubai coincide with Ramadan. Tourists do not have to keep a strict fast in the UAE, however, adherence to certain rules is still expected:

  • Do not eat or drink outdoors in daytime (even a chewing gum). The same applies to smoking. Violating these rules is fraught with getting fined or even arrested. However, you will not be left hungry in a hotel, and you will be allowed to eat as usual;
  • As to the cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets, they are closed in the daytime during Ramadan. But as soon as the sun goes down, they open and are ready to meet any gastronomic desire of the guests;
  • It is very difficult to carry out the fast without food and water in scorching heat even for the pious Muslims. That is why many Arabs are a bit crusty and irritable. Try to treat people with understanding, and do not respond to rudeness if you see that a person is angry;
  • Remember that in Dubai it is not customary to congratulate local people on Ramadan;
  • Show respect to those fasting and do not offer them food or drinks;
  • Dress conservatively when it is possible while being in the UAE during the Holy month. Opt for loose, opaque clothing covering your shoulders and knees. This rule applies not only to women but men as well;
  • Do not show your love in public on order not to run into trouble with the police, do not hug and kiss with your beloved in public places;
  • Do not listen to the loud music, as for Muslims it is important to be quiet and calm during the Holy month;
  • Swearing and strong language are always perceived negatively in Dubai, and during Ramadan are considered especially offensive;
  • Avoid driving at sunset, as the city literally "revives" at this time and there is huge traffic flows on roads.
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