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Education in the UAE is the integral part of the country’s development policy. Since the formation of the federal state, issues of the national education in the United Arab Emirates were assigned the highest priority status. In terms of expenses of the state budget, the education system in the UAE is second - after to the military-industrial complex. The current legislation stipulates that every citizen should acquire secondary education.

The compulsory education system in the UAE consists of several consecutive stages:

  • Preschool institutions;
  • Starting secondary schools;
  • Junior and regular high schools.

After receiving a high school education, graduates can choose between acquiring a higher or a secondary technical education. Both public and private specialized schools and higher educational institutions operate for these purposes. Those who want to top up qualification or to obtain additional education can receive training in the specialized training centres. It should be noted that all the levels of primary, professional and higher education are free for the citizens of the country.

Education system in the UAE

Despite the fact that the education system of the United Arab Emirates is relatively new, it has been intensively improved and developed in recent years, and this had a positive impact on the level of education. Today, the United Arab Emirates have the region’s highest percentage of graduates entering higher educational institutions. The Government of the United Arab Emirates understands that a decent education is the key to formation of the professional elite and competitive specialists.

International higher education institutions, which operate in the UAE, deserve individual attention. Universities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been known for a long time for their high standards and tremendous educational potential. The United Arab Emirates education system provides promotion and encouragement of promising scientific and educational areas. Among them there are engineering disciplines and corporate management, pharmacology and medicine. Moreover, almost all the higher education institutions are internationally accredited, and, consequently, their diplomas are recognized worldwide.

The United Arab Emirates have long ago become home to the world’s leading universities, due to the availability of the perfect conditions for scientific and educational work. Today, the best international universities with brilliant faculty and staff are concentrated here. Dubai universities is a vivid example of the aspiration of the Arab people for self-improvement and knowledge of the world.

The United Arab Emirates has long been a highly cultured and civilized nation. Certainly, the UAE have its own specifics due to the religious attachment, whereby the general level of knowledge relating to the international culture and education of the local population is in line with the developed countries. The Government of the United Arab Emirates makes all the efforts for population to acquire an all-round education and to retain cultural values.

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