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A pleasant holiday time, for numerous guests and tourists of the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, is primarily associated with luxury hotels, excellent beaches and endless shopping. At the same time, the modern megalopolis is ready to offer the incredibly beautiful and must be visited places. One of such places, that attract millions of tourists, is a Flower Park in Dubai. It is especially relevant for those who spend family vacation in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Miracle Garden – flowering and splendour of nature

The unique flower park is spread out on the vast territory, which area is about 7 hectares. The Dubai Flower Park has collected the best examples of flowers and plants from all around the world, many of which is not native and was introduced specifically for the flower park. More than 40 million flowers were used when designing flower arrangements, among which there are luxury marigolds, calendula and petunia.

A pleasant surprise is reserved for the connoisseurs of the floral kingdom. Your attention is invited to the "natural black marigold" – a rare and incredibly beautiful plant. In addition, the organizers used marigolds and geranium, which despite the simplicity in tending are distinguished by their beauty and magnificence.

The wonderful flower walls with the height of about three meters, unique flower arrangements, exquisite pools and fountains, comfortable walking paths, all these are the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is undoubtedly a real oasis among the endless desert. You can have no doubts that once you will immerse in a rave of the flower colors, filled with honeyed aromas, you will experience the entire cascade of positive emotions and experiences.

The system of irrigation of the Dubai Flower Park is worth mentioning separately. The drip irrigation system is used considering the peculiarities of the dry climate and in order to conserve fresh water. In particular, watering is carried out not on the top of flowers, but directly on the root system. Thus, flowers get enough moisture, and water consumption is minimal.

Dubai Flower Park – what is worth seeing

There are really interesting flower arrangements and other objects which are worth seeing among the splendor and diversity of the alleys:

  • Flower portrait of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – more than thousand flowers were used for making this flower arrangement. The portrait is surrounded by the bright flower hearts, which symbolize independent Arab principalities;
  • Living flower wall – it amazes not only by the living material from which the wall is executed, but also by its size. The height of the wall is about 3 meters and its length reaches 800 meters;
  • Unique flower pyramid – the pyramid covers an area of more than 140 square meters, and the height of the flower construction is about 10 meters;
  • Artificial ponds – one can relax in the shade and enjoy the coolness of the water on the shores of the artificial lake, which blend harmoniously into the local landscape.

The organizers have managed not only to impress visitors with the bright colors and incredible flower constructions, but they have also provided visitors with the maximum comfort and all the conditions for the pleasant pastime.

Despite the relatively short historical period, the United Arab Emirates has managed to win the glory of the region's largest tourist center. Today the whole world knows such attractions as the world's tallest skyscraper, or a ski resort in the middle of the golden sands. However, the Dubai Flower Park is such a place, without visiting which your trip to the Emirates will be uncompleted, especially if you travel with children.

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