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The main principles of foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates include negotiations, diplomacy and compassion. The state entirely fulfills its commitments to support regional security, stability and peace. For that purpose, the UAE seeks to establish relations between different countries, maintain dialogue and partnership.

The Government of the United Arab Emirates maintains balanced, effective foreign policy. The UAE is keenly aware of the importance of fair relations between the countries and adheres to the principle of non-interference into their sovereign affairs. In addition, the United Arab Emirates tend to settle disputes amicably. The UAE supports international organizations in compliance with the treaties and conventions, and for enhancement of rule of international law.

At the moment, the United Arab Emirates is a member of the League of Arab States, the UN, etc. The UAE is officially one of non-aligned countries and maintains "absolute neutrality". This allows the state to remain equidistant from the East and the West.

Aspects of foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates

Foreign Policy of the Emirates is designed to facilitate cooperation with other countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The United Arab Emirates seek to normalize relations between the Gulf states and exert efforts for just settlement of conflicts in the Middle East. The Government of the Emirates considers that the peace shall be achieved when Israel stops its occupation of the territory of Palestine and other Arab countries.

Special attention within the framework of foreign policy of the Emirates is paid to the issues of All-Arab unity. The Emirates act pragmatically with regard to strengthening relations with the Western states and reaching out to both developing and industrialized countries.

Another important aspect of foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates is fight against terrorism. United Arab Emirates cooperate with the states affected by international terrorism, through exchange of information and addressing economic and social problems, which may facilitate the recruitment of terrorists. The UAE also facilitates active position relating to fight against human trafficking and money laundering.

The UAE is the second largest country among the Gulf states in terms of economic development. The main objectives of the economy of the country are creation of opportunities and business development. The Emirates are seeking to expand investment and commercial relations with other countries. The United Arab Emirates have achieved even more robust position in the world, thanks to its status of financial center of the Gulf states and its strong economy.

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