Article image: Fountains in Dubai is one of the most popular attractions of the United Arab Emirates

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Modern megapolis Dubai never stops to amaze the world by incredible and grandiose projects. One of these architectural and genius masterpieces are the dancing fountains in Dubai. No doubt that this unique engineering work deserves the title of “The eighth wonder of the world”.

Unique singing fountains in Dubai

Dubai Fountain is acknowledged worldwide as incredible structure with built-in light and acoustic show. This architectural element adorns the city center and is located in front of the tallest building on the planet. Burj Khalifa and singing / dancing fountains complement each other perfectly. This is a demonstration of modern architectural features, elegance and luxury. Not surprisingly, this fabulous skyline attracts to Dubai millions of visitors and tourists from around the world.

Dancing and singing fountains are a real spectacle of water, light and sound, which is able to enchant and captivate the most discerning travelers.

Fountains length is 300 meters and the height of water flows erupting from them can reach up to 150 meters. According to average estimates, fountains simultaneously spray more than 90 tons of water. Moreover, numerous fountains are illuminated with projectors and colored lamps, which provide incredible dancing effect of water flows. Organizers also use various special effects that will give you a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

If you are visiting Dubai you must visit this sightseeing. Please believe, you will be watching real wonder of human-created masterpiece, and your heart will be beating faster.

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