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Motorsport is becoming more and more popular in the UAE. In fact, it is now a truly national sport. Car racing takes place mainly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Perhaps, the most important motor-racing event in the country is the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi is one of the key stages of the Formula 1 world championship. Formula 1 Abu Dhabi is an exciting, spectacular and impressive event in the world of motorsport. Tickets for it can be bought right now.

The 5.55-km track on the artificially created island of Yas is a real gem of motorsport in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race was held here for the first time. It is still the main venue for the event. Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi is the first Formula 1, which takes place during the change of day and night. The magnificent five-star hotel Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi enables you to watch the races directly from the window of your room.

The track of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi was designed by Hermann Tilke, a German architect, and racing driver. Track F1 Abu Dhabi on the Yas island allows speeding up to 325 km/h. There are nine turns to the right, and 12 turns to the left on F1 track in Abu Dhabi. It also gives drivers an opportunity to go anticlockwise. What do the tribunes of the Abu Dhabi motordrome look like? They are designed in such a way as to protect viewers from the boiling sun. The racing track in Abu Dhabi is one of the longest and most impressive ones in the world. It is incredibly interesting to watch races on such a track.

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi

Pierre Gasly, Brendon Hartley, and Charles Leclerc take part in F1 Abu Dhabi. Since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix takes place at sunset, the riders need to be prepared for significant changes in air temperature. Valtteri Bottas won the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in 2017, Lewis Hamilton came second, while Sebastian Vettel came third.

The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi is one of the most important weekends of the year. It is also a major international event for the United Arab Emirates. The race in Abu Dhabi gathers up to 60,000 people. The atmosphere of the race in Abu Dhabi can capture and impress anyone. In addition, the race is the end of the F1 season. Becoming a part of such a spectacular event is a truly unforgettable experience.

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