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When planning holiday in the UAE we anticipate real oriental tale with entertainments and positive emotions in abundance. Most of people do not even think that unexpected events may happen in the course of travelling. However, as they say, it is better to keep yourself on the safe side, so when planning a trip to the Emirates, make sure that you obtains proper insurance.

Types of insurances in the UAE

Medical insurance

To compensate costs caused by emergencies and various incidents that occur during the stay of foreign tourists in the UAE, government of the country adopted regulations on mandatory health insurance. Anyone wishing to enter the territory of the UAE under visitor, tourist or multi visa shall obtain health insurance.

Insurance companies offer visitors three options of insurance in the UAE:

  • Program A - emergency medical care in case of accidents or exacerbation of chronic diseases, medical transportation and dental services;
  • Program B - includes all items listed in the program A, plus urgent visit of a third person to the Emirates, if the insured traveler stays in clinic for more than 10 days, early return of foreign tourist or minor child (if accompanying adults cannot look after him for health reasons);
  • Program C - combines previous two insurance programs, complementing them by reimbursement for car repairs, which tourists rent for traveling across the UAE and legal assistance in case of loss, theft of passports or other valuable documents or items.

Insurance for a trip to the UAE may be purchased from insurance company or travel agency, where one gets ticket. In the event of occurrence of the case prescribed in the insurance, you need to contact representative of the insurance company in the Emirates immediately, telephone number is indicated in the policy. Operators of insurance companies often speak Russian, so there is no problem with explaining the occurred situation. Tell operator your location, personal data, telephone and detailed description of the situation which happened - he will tell you in detail your plan of action.

Travelling cancellation insurance coverage

This insurance guarantees that if you cannot make a planned trip to the United Arab Emirates, due to one of the following reasons, the cost of traveling is subject to a refund (except for cost of insurance and visa fees):

  • Visa refusal;
  • Late issuance of visas by the embassy prior to departure;
  • Disease of the insured person or his close relatives.

Travelling cancellation insurance coverage is especially important for women under 30 years old, if they fly to the UAE without being accompanied by father or husband. This category of women are among persons who frequently refused visas to the Emirates.

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