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If you are going to travel to the UAE, whether on a business trip or a sightseeing tour, it would be advisable to acquaint yourself with the holidays and events in the certain period. As the rule, the period of overall discounts and sales comes during the celebration or on before the holiday. It is a great opportunity to combine a comfortable and safe holiday with the cost-effective purchases. Besides, holidays in Dubai, for example a New year, are the enchanting spectacle of an unforgettable feelings and a maximum of positive emotions.

Holidays in UAE

Speaking about all the important events which are marked on the state calendar of the United Arab Emirates, they can be divided into three groups. They are, respectively, the national holidays, religious holidays and celebrations of an international scale.

The national holidays have a fixed date on the calendar. They are: January 1 - New year, December 12 - the Day of creation of the United Arab Emirates and August 6 - the Day of the accession of Sheikh Zayed al Nahyan to the throne.

As for the religious holidays, they are linked to the Muslim calendar, and celebrations are adjusted each year for a certain period of time. Due to the fact that the UAE is an Islamic state, religious holidays are very important and celebrated with special scale. Religious events and holidays in the UAE is a tribute of the Arab people to its rich cultural heritage and historical roots.

Among the important religious events in the UAE, the following holidays should be noted:

  • Day of sacrifice Eid al-Adha, which is a holiday day of the calendar and is celebrated for a few days;
  • Arafat, which is the most revered day in the Emirates. The celebration implies the purification from the earthly sins and atonement;
  • The beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan is also a significant event in the Muslim world. The government often extends the celebration of this sacred holiday for a few days.

International festivals and events

The third category consists of the most inviting holidays for foreign tourists and guests. They are various international celebrations and festivals. A striking example of such a holiday is the annual shopping festival in Dubai. It is not a secret that such celebrations in Dubai, annually invite millions of guests from all over the planet into the Emirate.

During the celebration of the international shopping festival, the authorities of the Emirate organize a number of entertainment events: holiday festivities and shows, fireworks and funny happenings, numerous concerts with international celebrities and competitions. And what is the most important it is the availability of tremendous discounts on almost all the products.

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