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The UAE authorities have a very clear goal – to make their country not only an advanced economic and tourist center of the world, but also to turn it into a real world center of culture and art. Having set such an ambitious goal, the leaders of the Abu Dhabi emirate decided to open a new museum – the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. The opening of the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, one of the best modern art museums in the world, is aimed at attracting the attention of tourists who are interested in painting and also at developing a new direction for tourism in the UAE.

Louvre in Abu Dhabi – the Story of its Creation

The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi is the result of an unprecedented initiative that laid the foundation for a new type of cultural cooperation between the UAE and France. As a result of the intergovernmental agreement signed on March 6, 2007, between the countries, the museum in Abu Dhabi was given the right to be called “Louvre.” This “branch” of the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi received not only a world-famous name from its main partner but also a part of its art collection. It was not only Louvre but also other famous French museums and galleries which shared their exhibits with Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The museum was opened on November 11, 2017. Both ancient and modern works of art can be found in the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi that are of historical, cultural and sociological interest.

Louvre in Abu Dhabi – Ambitious Project

The museum is in no way a copy of the famous French museum; it is a separate institution which reflects the latest trends of the 21st century and local traditions of the UAE. The museum is situated on the Saadiyat Island, a natural 27-kilometer island with some other well-known cultural institutions such as Sheikh Zayed National Museum and the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi.

The development of the Saadiyat Island is one of the most expensive infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi while its main facility is certainly the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. The construction price of the Arabian Louvre is estimated at no less than 600 million euros. The cultural area is integrated into a new urban complex near the historic center of Abu Dhabi providing housing for 150,000 residents. The Louvre of Abu Dhabi is an invaluable addition to other museums of the UAE and is of great help in the development of art in the Middle East. The French architect Jean Nouvel designed the building of the museum. The architect wanted the building to have a form that corresponds to its function of the “sanctuary for the most valuable works of art.” And indeed, if you look at the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi on the map, its round dome resembles the dome of a mosque. The total area of all the expositions of Louvre in Abu Dhabi is 8,000 m².

You can find up-to-date information on current exhibitions in the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, the price of the ticket and the time of the exhibition at the official website of Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

You definitely won't regret visiting Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The ticket price for an adult tourist is 60 dirhams, for children and adolescents – 30 dirhams. There is also a discount for teachers and military officers from the UAE – 30 dirhams.

In addition to the exhibition of paintings in the museum, various events take place here as well, for example, the discussion of Sheikh Zayed's poetry. The official site contains all the necessary information on thematic events and temporary exhibitions.

Louvre in Abu Dhabi – Reviews and Evaluation

In general, visitors give high scores to the museum, and even those who do not consider themselves art lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. The average score of the museum on TripAdvisor is 4.5 out of 5.

We invite you to visit the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. The price of the entrance ticket is lower than that of the Louvre museum in Paris. Vivid impressions are guaranteed.

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