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Looking for a racecourse in Dubai? Meydan Racecourse is the world's largest hippodrome, which can accommodate up to 60,000 spectators. The official opening of the Meydan Racecourse located in Meydan City, a huge complex still under construction, took place March 27, 2010. The racecourse in Dubai is not only an excellent opportunity to watch horse races. It also contains a museum, a gallery, a five-star hotel and a golf court.

The Hippodrome in Dubai annually holds the World Cup in horse racing. Races on Meydan Racecourse take place every last Sunday of March. Before the emergence of Pegasus World Cup in 2017, horse racing at Meydan racecourse was considered the most expensive in the world. Three- and four-year old horses take part in races in Dubai over a distance of 2000 meters. The racecourse in Dubai is also one of the few places for flat racing in dirt in the Northern Hemisphere.

Meydan Racecourse in Dubai

Meydan racecourse in Dubai is the world's largest race track. However, its size is far from being the only record set on its territory. Before the beginning of the race, spectators and fans are greeted by the most famous world stars. 2017 was marked by Sia's excellent performance. Janet Jackson gave a show a year earlier. The speed record was set in 2014 (2:01.61) by a British racehorse called African Story.

Meydan Racecourse occupies 7.5 million m². Meydan racecourse in Dubai is 2400 m long. Another 1,750 m are for races in the dirt. The racecourse in Dubai is open from November to March and is used for racing in the winter period. The territory of the Meydan City complex is divided into four sections: Meydan Racecourse itself, Meydan Metropolis, Meydan Horizons and Godolphin Park.

Tickets for visiting the Meydan racecourse can be purchased online. You can also become a member of the Dubai Racing Club – membership will cost you 1 470 dirhams. It gives access to a variety of enticing benefits, such as additional invitations to the races and the opportunity to participate in a luncheon with a star on the eve of the World Cup.

Meydan Racecourse has an excellent reputation among travelers. Tourists who have already visited it and the spectators who attended the show are unanimous in their opinion “It is definitely worth visiting.” The racecourse in Dubai has a high rating on the TripAdvisor website. 70% of the reviewers awarded it “excellent” rating. Many mention exciting atmosphere during the show, its thrill, the overall dramatic and fascinating environment.

No matter whether you are an active fan of horse racing or just want to watch something entertaining and unusual – the racecourse in Dubai is undoubtedly worth a visit. The gracefulness of horses is impressive. Besides, here you will have an opportunity to see the representatives of the political elite of the UAE. In addition, races at the Meydan Racecourse are always a big event, which requires a certain dress code and sticking to the traditions. This will definitely become a day to remember.

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