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The United Arab Emirates, while developing the national economy, does not overlook the issues of defense ability and national security. The increase in military power is resulted by this particularly need. Besides, the United Arab Emirates takes leading positions among the importers of the modern high-tech weapons.

Troops of the United Arab Emirates – the allied army of the independent principalities

The basis of the military power of the UAE is made up by the so-called Union Defence Forces, which function as the federal military formation. However, some of the Emirates have their own armed forces. The headquarters of the federal forces is located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi. The issues of ensuring the national security and integrity of the territorial boundaries form the foundation of the national military doctrine.

Today, the armed forces and the troops of the UAE are equipped with the latest equipment and weapon systems. Among the main suppliers of modern weapons, ammunition and munitions are the United States of America, Europe and Russia.

The troops of the United Arab Emirates include the following military formations and structures:

  • Land forces – light and battle tanks, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft and artillery units;
  • Air forces – training, transport and combat air bases, military transport airplanes and attack fighters, training and combat helicopters;
  • Naval forces – patrol ships of the corvette type, marine infantry battalions, armored vehicles, fast missile and patrol boats, assault landing ships and minesweepers.

Military service in the UAE – specifics and legal framework

Military service in the UAE is compulsory for citizens of the country. All male citizens aged 18 to 30 without exception must perform military duty for the state. Besides, the length of service depends on the availability of education. Thus, a person who does not have an appropriate diploma must serve two years, while secondary school graduates serve 9 months.

The various factors (the conscript’s reputation, health condition, etc.) are taken into account when allocating the military occupational specialties. If the person, at the time of the military call-up, is employed by Government authority or is working in the private sector of UAE, the job position remains reserved for him for the period of the military service. It is equally applicable to the salary, allowances, pensions and bonuses of the recruits. Moreover, there is a system of monthly premiums for the entrepreneurs and qualified professionals.

Persons who are recognized as unfit for the general military service are exempted by the relevant medical report. Persons who are the sole breadwinner for parents and close relatives are also exempted from the mandatory call-up. A draftee can obtain a one-time postponement of the military service. The postponement is provided for the students of higher educational institutions.

Women can also do military service in military formations of the United Arab Emirates. The call-up of the female citizens is carried out only on the voluntary basis.

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