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Motorsport is a passion of many successful people. People love it for adrenaline, the opportunity to escape from everyday life and routine, for its excitement and entertainment. Motorsport in Dubai is one of the most popular kinds of entertainment. The presence of an autodrome in Dubai serves as evidence to that. Motorsport in Dubai is an interesting and fascinating world. Regardless of whether you are a fan or want to become a direct participant of the process, motor racing in Dubai will definitely surprise you.

Motorsport in the UAE

Motorsport in the UAE is a developed entertainment industry. Races and rallies are held mainly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Dubai International Rally is held annually in the emirate of Sharjah, near the border with Oman. One of the most famous riders of the UAE is Mohammed Ahmed bin Sulayem, who had 15 victories at the Dubai International Rally. The annual Yas V8 400 race, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge are held annually in Abu Dhabi. Dubai hosts a few more important racing events, for example, the endurance race Dubai 24 Hour.

Dubai Motor City

Dubai Motor City is a key object associated with motorsport in Dubai. It includes both living quarters and offices, as well as sports facilities, shops and a theme park. The key component of Dubai Motor City is the circuit. There is also a residential area with recreation facilities, a park, Up Town Motor City school, residential complex consisting of villas and townhouses called Green Community Motor City, a number of business premises of Business Park Motor City, car dealerships and car shops and Formula 1 F1-X Dubai theme park. You can not only practice races on the territory of Dubai Motor City but also go-carting, play laser tag and go bike riding.

The autodrome in Dubai is a certified track 5.39 km long which was opened in October 2004. Autodrome in Dubai is located on the territory of Dubailand, a large entertainment complex with a huge number of areas for recreation and attractions. Autodrome in Dubai is the heart of motorsport in the UAE. Its original purpose was to popularize races on the territory of the country and make them a truly national sport. The autodrome in Dubai meets the highest standards of safety. It is equipped with video surveillance, which makes it possible to see any incident on the track and analyse it to avoid them in the future.

Racing in Dubai has really gradually turned into a truly national sport. Many people show increasing interest in this kind of activity. Races in Abu Dhabi, just like races in Dubai are a bright and spectacular show that attracts a lot of spectators. To see this, it is enough to visit races in Dubai or races in Abu Dhabi at least once.

In addition to racing, carting is another popular entertainment in the UAE. In particular, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There is a whole cartdrome on the territory of the motor-racing track in Dubai. Carting in Dubai, just like carting in Abu Dhabi, is absolutely safe. The carts themselves are very comfortable, equipped with Honda engines and devices which track time. You will be given suits, helmets, and gloves. Carting in Dubai and carting in Abu Dhabi will give you an opportunity to experience a full range of unique emotions and immerse yourself into the process completely.

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi

Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi is one of the stages of the Formula 1 world championship. Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi is an exciting event. Tickets for it can be purchased right now. Formula 1 in the UAE will definitely become an unforgettable event in your life. Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi has its own peculiarities, for example, it begins during the change of day and night. The race can be watched even from your hotel room.

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