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National dress in the UAE primarily reflects the national way of life and religious preferences of the Arab people. In addition, the centuries-old traditions certainly take into account the climatic conditions of the region. It is worth noting that the vast majority of Emiratis prefer the national dress as a kind of tribute to the traditional and religious way of life.

Dress of the local people of the UAE – features and purpose

National garment of the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula is designed to protect the body from the scorching sun and heat. Usually, it covers almost the whole body, and it is not just a tradition – such dress is definitely more suited to the local climate.

Men in the UAE wear a shirt, which is a lengthened tunic with sleeves, often light-coloured. Such shirts are sewed without zippers and seams. This garment is always clean and ironed. Whatever the style and tailoring, such a shirt always underlines the aspiration to the cleanliness and neatness.

Headscarves, which also serve as protection from scorching sun, are used as a headwear. This headwear has proved its practicality over the centuries. Bedouins always used scarves tied with a special thick string around the head to maintain moisture and protect oneself from hot air.

As to the women, they were mostly dressed in a spacious long dresses made of silk or satin. It should be noted that it is almost impossible to see an Arab woman in revealing clothes outside the house. Contrary to popular belief, Arab beauties wear national dresses with pleasure. Moreover, today many local designers offer interesting design solutions for national clothes.

Dress of the UAE local residents – information for tourists

Even considering the fact that in some Emirates there are no strict conventions to the appearance of foreign guests, the national traditions and preferences of the local population should be taken into account. You should avoid wearing revealing or indecent clothes when visiting public places. It is recommended for women not to wear clothes with bare shoulders or deep V-neck, and for men not to walk around in swimming trunks or shorts.

Such behaviour can offend religious feelings of the local residents. This is especially important to remember during national and religious holidays.

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