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Since 2004, the UAE has been governed by Sheikh Khalifa – the older son of the state’s founder Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Full version

New Year is perhaps one of the most important holidays for each of us. In anticipation of this holiday, we expect a real miracle for our relatives and us. How to arrange a truly unforgettable holiday and give your family a lot of positive emotions is a question of devotion. We offer you an original way, and namely – organization of an incredible New Year trip to the United Arab Emirates, which will give you a full range of positive emotions and remain in memory for years to come, because New Year in Dubai is an opportunity to enjoy the luxury and plunge into the Oriental fairytale atmosphere.

Have no doubt that the lack of snowdrifts will not deprive you of the magical New Year feeling. Having plunged into the sea of lights, joy and happiness, you would realize that the lack of these snowdrifts is not important at all. It is not a secret that the Dubai megalopolis is a place where every year a lot of incredible projects are being implemented and great constructions are made. Here everything is approached on a large scale, and a New Year’s celebration is not an exception. International festivals, performances of celebrities, stirring beach parties and widely-spread New Year sales – that is all Dubai.

Millions of tourists and foreign guests come to the United Arab Emirates, looking forward to a grand New Year discounts. Pre-New Year Dubai is not only a myriad of lights and holiday celebrations but also a great opportunity to make a bargain. It is just that very time when the season of significant discounts and sales comes. Here you will find gifts to fit every taste and budget.

If you decide to celebrate the New Year in Dubai, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular options for celebrating.

New Year’s Eve Parties in Dubai

If you cannot imagine a New Year’s celebration without stirring parties, then Dubai is the best place for you. You can find a lot of modern nightclubs and bars to enjoy the songs of the world’s best DJs. You can also visit the New Year beach party.

A Traditional Christmas Dinner in Dubai

For adherents of the traditional New Year’s celebration there it is always a possibility to organize a magnificent dinner in a family or close friends circle. The luxurious restaurants and suites are always available for you. A holiday dinner in Dubai implies a perfect service and a truly festive atmosphere. Exciting celebration program will not leave cold neither adults nor children.

A New Year Cruise or Yacht Party

Possibilities in Dubai are endless for those people, who are used to get the most out of life. You can give a big party on board of a chartered yacht and gather the closest people at a festive table. You can also go on a fascinating boat trip. The azure Gulf waters, incredible panoramic sea views and a festive boat trip will remain in your memory for years to come.

New Year Fireworks in Dubai

This type of celebration deserves special attention. New Year’s fireworks in Dubai have become a national pride. The capital of the Emirate, owing to these fireworks, was twice registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is the really festive event attracting millions of visitors and tourists annually. These New Year’s fireworks are being arranged near the most famous buildings in Dubai.

We can give an advice for those, who want to celebrate New year in Dubai. If you have decided to give yourself a real New Year’s celebration, you should think of this beforehand. Remember, the popularity of the United Arab Emirates on the eve of a New Year becomes much higher. That is why you should reserve the tables and book the hotel rooms in advance. The earlier you start your preparation for the New Year holiday in the Emirates, the more chances you have to make an unforgettable journey into the Oriental fairytale.

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