Article image: On top of Burj Khalifa Tower - feedback from those who have been there!

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Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world; it is a famous skyscraper of international class, which embodied greatness of modern Dubai megapolis. The building height exceeds 800 meters and its construction lasted for five years. Interior premises and the interior are decorated with more than one thousand works of art. The modern complex includes luxury hotels, private residential sector, corporate and administrative offices, swimming pools and many more.

Feedback of those who visited Burj Khalifa

Chris, 36 years old, Paris.

I have been to the United Arab Emirates before, so I know that the best time to climb Burj Khalifa is sunset. I always buy tickets online in advance since there are many of those who want to see this impressive sight and tickets at the box office are not always available. I would like to point out splendor and luxury of the building. Only getting once here you begin to understand what a huge amount of money were invested in its construction! One can get to the skyscraper by the local underground, Burj Khalifa station. In short - you get a lot of positive emotions and a powerful energy boost! Thank you!

Marcella, 25 years old, Frankfurt.

It is simply impossible fly to Dubai and not to visit the tallest building in the world! Moreover, a climb to the skyscraper is an incredibly fascinating attraction. You are accompanied with all kinds of video installations telling visitors about construction of this grand object. On the top there is an indescribable beauty and a great harmony of the sea surface and endless desert before you. You will see man-made islands in all their glory. Personally, I felt great admiration and respect for the Arab people who managed to build such a structure. One should admit that this project is one of the most attractive for tourists and visitors from around the world.

Michael, 43 years old, Milan.

I would like to say that I'm fairly sophisticated traveler, but I've never seen anything like that. Luxury and beauty in everything seems to have been made to surprise and amaze imagination. Spacious premises and high-speed elevators provide maximum comfort during the climb to the upper floors. I was particularly struck by the general panorama of Dubai. For such a short period this city has become a real oriental fairy tale and dancing fountains observed the bird’s-eye emphasize this national coloring.

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