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Overview of the Dubai Motor City

Article image: Overview of the Dubai Motor City

Modern people want to have it all and have it now. We are constantly in search of something new. We want to achieve maximum freedom in various spheres of our life. We hate barriers. Many of us like speed, excitement and are adrenaline junkies. We are looking for constant growth and progress. If you are a motorsport fan while the comfort of living conditions is still highly important for you, Motor City in Dubai is exactly what you need.

Motor City in Dubai is a unique place for living, working, recreation and entertainment. Motor City Dubai offers a variety of experiences – it is a real city of adventure, thrill, and fun. Motor City Dubai is the most important object associated with motorsport in the UAE. Here you can find both living quarters and offices. Besides, the Motor City provides excellent conditions for work and leisure. The main component of Motor City in Dubai is, of course, the motordrome.

Motor City District

Motor City Dubai is very diverse. However, everything is united by a common theme – the theme of cars and races. The district meets all the requirements of the 21stcentury and the highest standards of quality and design. If you want your life to be a comfortable and harmonious combination of leisure, work, and family walks, while motorsport plays an important role in your life, Motor City Dubai is just what you need. This modern district with a well-developed infrastructure will cater to the needs of the pickiest and the most demanding residents.

Uptown Motor City is part of the Motor City Dubai. It consists of 45 low-rise buildings, consisting of approximately 3,100 apartments. Uptown Motor City offers both studio apartments, and apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms to potential buyers. If you are interested in villas and townhouses, Motor City Dubai still has something to offer. The Motor City district in Dubai gives everyone an opportunity to take part in a race, have fun on the karts or ride a bike.

Green Community Motor City in Dubai is an excellent family housing complex consisting of villas and townhouses. Gardens, pools, paths with paved stone and traffic-free streets give this district a sense of comfort and security. Green Community Motor City in Dubai is known for its luxury apartments with terraces. It is also famous for its natural greenery and beautiful landscapes, the atmosphere of comfort and peace. There are many schools, shops and recreation parks in the district.

Motor City Dubai – Karting

In the Motor City of Dubai, there are both indoor kart tracks and open-air tracks. You can arrange races without worrying about your safety. Motor City Dubai karting has excellent karts – they are convenient for driving and equipped with Honda engines. Drivers know the exact time of their drive and can rent comfortable suits, helmets, and gloves.

On the website of the Motor City Dubai karting, you can find a calendar which enables users to select the track you are interested in real time, in case it is available. Motor City Dubai karting is a perfect place for spending your time with friends. Here you can also entertain employees of your company or surprise your customers with an unexpected experience. The employees of kart tracks will listen to all of your requirements; they will adjust your ride by the size of your group and take into account your other requests.

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