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Parachute jump or Dubai from bird-eye perspective

Apart from other types of sports, parachuting in Dubai is available all round the year to almost everyone. It is noteworthy that not only professional skydivers can try their abilities, but even fans and beginners. First, you will be asked to make a test flight on a special wind tunnel, and after a short training you will have an opportunity to try your first exciting skydiving and see Dubai from bird-eye perspective.

If you prefer a real air flight to the wind tunnel, you will have a chance to try exciting and beautiful skydiving in Dubai. This type of sport has witnesses a very significant boost with respect to development in recent years. Various aero clubs operate on the territory of the Emirate, which are furnished with modern appliances and equipment. Thanks to development of such clubs, parachuting in Dubai has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Professional aero clubs deliver trainings and classes for candidates. Guests can jump on their own or with instructor. Thereby beginners can ensure maximum safe flight and soft landing. You are only required to experience incredible feelings and enjoy magnificent views in free fall.

Dubai Sky Dive - thrilling and exciting sport

  Dubai Sky Dive - is an incredible experience that will impress even seasoned travelers. Obviously, this is one of the most beautiful and spectacular types of sport, which includes the following disciplines:

  • Freestyle and free fly;
  • Single and collective aerial acrobatics;
  • Skysurfing.

Free fall, breath taking height and incredible speed of fall make skydiving spectacular for millions of fans of extreme sports. When visiting Dubai, you should definitely see a show of aerial acrobats and athletes. No doubt, you will remember this festival for years to come.

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