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Dubai is breathtakingly beautiful, ultra-modern metropolis. And yet it is the richest and fastest growing city in the world where at almost every part you can enjoy luxury and modern technologies. The largest trade center, the tallest building, the world’s only 7 star hotel, the largest artificial islands, stunning singing fountains - and it is not all, but just a few things that Dubai can boast of.

It is not surprising, that over the past few years, Dubai’s population has grown significantly. High standard of living, political and economic stability, increasing number of jobs - all this has attracted people from all over the world. According to the data as of 2013, around 2.5 million people live in Dubai while the total number of UAE residents is about 8.5 million.

Almost 85% of the total population of the city are immigrants. Basically they come from China, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Central and East Africa, and the CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Each industry is dominated by employees of particular nationality. For example, Pakistanis and Indians mostly work as taxi drivers, builders or basic office personnel. Filipinos are often employed as house workers. CIS citizens mostly work as administrators in hotels, beauty salons, fitness centers, vendors, consultants, managers, more rarely as waiters and bartenders. Most prestigious positions, apart from locals, are usually occupied by Americans and expats from European countries. As a rule, they work as executives and top managers in different companies.

Local population of Dubai and advantages by they enjoy

Local population in Dubai constitutes about 15% of total population. Almost all of them are millionaires or even billionaires. It is difficult to believe, but the truth is: the poorest local citizen of Dubai has a villa with a house maid and a spacious garage. And, if for some reason, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates cannot purchase a house himself, the state provides it to him. Besides, every young local Arab family upon 3 years of marriage receives from the UAE government a house or cash compensation in the amount of 115 000 USD. By the way, the service of house workers: driver, nanny, gardener and housekeeper, are also paid by the state. Except for rare exceptions, local citizens of Dubai either work in government agencies or hold executive positions in large companies, or do not work at all.

The official language of the UAE is Arabic, but in Dubai and other cities the vast majority of people speak English.

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