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President of the UAE

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Since 2004, the United Arab Emirates has been under the governance of Sheikh Khalifa - the eldest son of the founder of the state Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan was the right hand of his father during his reign and served as head of the government at the time of foundation of the United Arab Emirates. He learnt from Sheikh Zayed the art of management of the state and participated in the formation of policies of the United Arab Emirates. Currently, Sheikh Khalifa continues his father's policy. His policy is designed to boost economic growth of the UAE, to increase the influence of the state and to establish the country as one of the key player on the world stage.

Brief biography of the president of the UAE

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the head of the UAE, Emir of Abu Dhabi, and one of the world's richest man. He was born in 1948 in Al Ain, which at that time included only few isolated settlements. There were no electricity, infrastructure or roads in the villages at that time. There were no educational institutions as well, until his father Khalifa Zaid opened the only school where future head of the UAE received his primary education.

However, the best education, according to his father, Khalifa received when participating in medzlis - community meetings. Medzlis meetings provided him with important life experience: there he mastered the skills of state governance.

In 1966, Zayed became the president of Abu Dhabi. Khalif and his father moved to the capital of the Emirate. At the age of 18 Khalifa was appointed as a head of the legal system of the state. Following the policy of Zayed, Khalifa has implemented several major projects for the development of the Eastern Province, many of which were aimed at improving agriculture.

When Zaid bin Sultan Al Nahyan died, the first president of the UAE, Crown Prince Khalifa became the President of the country. The appointment of a new leader was a symbol of completion of establishment of the United Arab Emirates. Upon his appointment, ambitious dreams of building prosperous country found their realization in practice.

The new president of the UAE paid special attention to the welfare of the citizens. Sheikh Khalifa has created projects aimed at economic development of the country. These projects are based on developed infrastructure, high level of education and healthcare, transparent legal framework. The policy of the President of the Emirates is also aimed at strengthening private sector, development of tourism, industry, and construction sectors.

In his private life, the president of the United Arab Emirates is a model family man. His close circle and relatives characterize him as a forward-looking, humble, generous, responsible and open-minded man. Sheikh Khalifa is admirer of poetry and history. He is as friend of many intellectuals. Just like his father, he enjoys hawk hunting.

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