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The United Arab Emirates is both a popular tourist destination and a world business centre. Millions of foreigners come to the UAE annually to have a rest, work, set up and carry on business.

Rent of property is the most preferable option for a long stay in the country. What are the features of renting a property, and how to choose the appropriate apartment or office? These questions will be discussed in this article.


Specific Features of renting a property in the UAE

  • Long-term rent is available only to the citizens of the Emirates or residents of the UAE. If you do not have a residence visa, you will need to find a sponsor whose name and signature must be present in the rental agreement;
  • The rental payment depends on three factors: the place where the property is located, its age and category. It is usually more expensive to rent apartments in new buildings, than in the older ones. Clearly, the condition of apartments will be much better in new buildings, so the higher price is quite reasonable. Apartments can be rented out both furnished and unfurnished that also effects the rental price;
  • The majority of modern buildings in the Emirates offer various additional services, such as concierge, Wi-Fi, gym, swimming pool, tennis court, etc;
  • Make sure that a house owner has all the necessary documents before making a rent agreement. Otherwise, you can face unnecessary problems;
  • An agreement is usually signed for the period of one year. However, you can find options with 3-6 months contracts;
  • You can pay a rent both monthly and for several months in advance. The last option is more cost effective as it is cheaper;
  • If You are in the UAE on employment visa, You can be probably asked to take a certificate of income from Your employer. In some cases, the UAE employers accommodate foreign employees;
  • Be sure to sign the official property rental agreement. It guarantees that You will not be vacated without the strong reasons;
  • Apartments in the UAE are usually rented alongside with a car parking lot;
  • Choose apartments with a centralized climate control system as it is rather hot in the Emirates;

What is the Best Place for a Foreigner to Live in Dubai? The most foreigners prefer to settle in the districts with the foreign people as majority. In such districts you can feel free, without being worried to offend religious people unintentionally, wear regular clothes, do not wake up every morning because of the call of prayer, etc.

The emigrants who have lived in Dubai for several years already know well that the best areas for foreigners to live are Dubai Marina prime district, Jumeirah Beach Residence with its numerous beaches and entertainment centres, a verdant and quiet Green Community (a perfect option to live with a family), a Downtown Dubai that is located almost in the heart of the city, and the Palm Jumeirah that is located on artificial islands.

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