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One of the main attractions of the UAE is the warm sea with clear water and white sand beaches. One side of it is the Gulf of Oman (Indian ocean), and the other one – the Persian Gulf. All the resorts of the United Arab Emirates, except Fujairah, are located on the shore of the Persian Gulf.

The “nature” of the sea depends on the Emirate. For example, in the bays of Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah tides may occur and on windy days there are large waves at sea. But in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, on the contrary, the sea is almost always calm (partly it is because of nearby artificial islands). The depth changes smoothly, the water temperature is usually several degrees higher than in the Gulf of Oman.

The water temperature in the UAE is always higher than 18 degrees, and in summer can reach 35 degrees above zero and even higher.

Basic rules of safety at the sea

If you do not want your stay to be overshadowed by some troubles, then follow certain rules while being in the sea. They may seem trivial; however, by following them, you will save yourself and your family from lots of troubles.

  • Swim only in the designated areas. In the UAE there are many free and private beaches, so there won’t be any problem for you to choose a proper place for swimming. As it was mentioned above, on the coast of the Indian ocean quite high tides may occur. Besides, when swimming in non-designated areas you can meet the coastal current of an unpredictable nature.
  • Under no circumstances should you swim if you see a red flag.
  • In the waters of the UAE there are nearly three dozen of species of sharks. Although almost all of them are not dangerous for people, nevertheless, the beaches of the Emirates are under constant control, and if sharks are detected, the holidaymakers are notified immediately.
  • It is better to bathe in special rubber slippers, especially for children. You won’t feel the slippers on your feet, but they protect your feet from injuries caused by sharp rocks and corals.
  • No matter how beautiful and harmless corals and other marine habitats in the UAE may seem, do not touch them. You can get hurt or stumble upon a poisonous sea creature.
  • Take a scuba dive only under the supervision of an instructor. On the shores of the Indian ocean there are many diving centres with a variety of exotic entertainment: ranging from usual diving to deep sea fishing and night hunting for crabs.
  • If you are an inexperienced swimmer, then wear a life jacket while going to do snorkelling (swimming with a tube and a mask). Although all beaches in the UAE have a lifeguard service, reasonable level of awareness is suggested.

Follow the rules of safety at the seaside, and have a good time!

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